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NORTHAMPTON GOVERNOR >> The township planning commission on May 9 recommended approving plans for a 4,290-square-foot commercial building on Second Pike Street in downtown Richbar.

232 Investments is proposing to demolish three buildings at 960, 966 and 970 Second Street Pike between McDonald’s and TruMark Financial Credit Union, merge the plots and build a new commercial building.

The new building will house 2,100 square feet of Dunkin ’Restaurant, as well as 2,200-square-foot retail space that has not yet been signed.

According to attorney Michael Maloy Jr., Dunkin ‘s current will be moving to a new building. “This is where the lease comes into force, and we’re building this new Dunkin ‘and a second room for the future tenant, which we hope will be compatible with Dunkin’.”

The building is allowed to be used by right in the General Commercial / Office District and the Village Consignment Area.

The buildings scheduled for demolition have recently been used as a barber shop, insurance agent and accountant.

Applicant Joseph Young, who owns 60 Dunkins in the area, including the Richboro store at 800 Bustleton Pike, told the zoning office earlier this year that if the current plan is approved, he will close the Richboro store and relocate to a new site on Second Street . Pike.

Dunkin ‘, a chain of bakery products and coffee, is known for its more than 50 varieties of donuts, premium coffee and beverages, bagels, sandwiches for breakfast and other bakery products. It was founded in 1950 by Bill Rosenberg, who opened the first Dunkin ‘Donuts store in Quincy, Massachusetts.

According to Young, Second Street Pike’s location is perfect for Dunkin ’use.

“It’s in the main road corridor. It is located next to and close to similar uses. It will fit into the township. It will not stand out. There’s Wawa, there’s Taco Bell and there’s McDonald’s right next door. It’s easy to get in and out. It will be a perfect use and a place to travel, ”he said.

Dunkin ‘new, he said, will have a fare service, some seats inside and will be open from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. It will also offer an online ordering service to facilitate the flow of customers. There is no window in the current store.

“On average, 73 percent of our customer base runs on average per day,” Young said. “In our peak hours it’s more than that. It’s usually 80 to 90 percent after 11 am. “

During rush hours from 6 to 11 a.m., the store typically employs six to eight employees. From 11 a.m. the brigade usually consists of three employees before lunch until closing time.

Planner Mark Shapiro asked about the potential of reversing vehicles on 2nd Street Pike.

‘Dunkin’ is now a pretty big queue indoors, and service, while efficient, can be quite slow. If it turns into cars and not people, I can see a situation where styling is becoming an issue towards 2nd Street Pike. How do you plan to make that easier? ”

According to the applicant’s engineer, the plan provides for the installation of about 11 cars, which, according to him, is more than is usually provided.

“We have deployed the site as much as possible. There’s a full detour that goes around the building. We also have an access and exit path. We also have two separate windows – the payment window and the pickup window, which is very important for the efficiency of the driveway. It divides him and makes him much faster. ”

These two uses will also allow you to share parking with Dunkin ‘as the main user in the morning and retail day and night.

“Our peak hours of work usually fall in the morning from 6 to 11,” Young said. “Retail use will be later in the morning, afternoon and evening, so it will be a good mix if we first use the parking lot in the morning and they mostly use it in the afternoon.”

According to the project engineers, the plan would improve the site by reducing the number of buildings from three to one, the total square area of ​​the site by 575, eliminating several access roads on the Second Pike Street and improving the appearance of the site from the Second Pike Street.

The entrance will be located on the north side of the building, and the pickup window – on the south side of the building. According to the plan, there will be two windows in the roadway – a window and a pickup window.

Next, the project will be considered by the Northampton City Supervisory Board.

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