Nothing planned for Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving as Nets, one loss from relegation – Reading Eagles

It was the biggest game Kevin Durant and Kairi Irving had ever played as teammates, the weight of their Brooklyn experiment hanging by a thread.

And as a 39-year-old Brooklyn hipster in a basement apartment with a Harvard degree, they failed.

What a sad way out. Durant and Irving had a paltry 16 points on Saturday 109-103 defeat by the Celticsleaving the Nets in the meadow 3-0 in the first round. As you know, the NBA’s zero teams overcame this deficit. These networks, which lack the basics or reasonable adjustments in this series, do not look like a team breaking this band.

“Just a shitty game, man,” Durant said. “Bold game.”

They lost at home on Saturday, lost when it was most important, lost when they had two weekends to figure out Boston’s defense scheme. The Brooklyn disaster ended with the crowd chanting “Let’s Go Celtics” and “MVP” for Jason Tatum, who was the only real star on any list with 39 points.

This demonstrated that everything that the Nets belittle actually matters. The regular season, for example, matters. The Nets saw this as an idea to the end and were forced to give hard and intense minutes down to Irving and Durant. Guess who looked tired in this series? Coach Steve Nash also blamed Irving’s fatigue for a post in Ramadan. The coach did not mention the main reason why the Nets were forced to fight for a place in the playoffs – because Irving refused to be vaccinated.

Coaching also matters. Nash was hired with no coaching experience for the win-win, and was preceded by Celtics coach Name Udok. Instead of finding Durant look better on Saturday, the former MVP was even less involved. In the first half, he was mostly a lure when playing the ball, and then with difficulty created space when the opportunity arose. Durant managed to make just 11 shots, or eight less than his teammate Bruce Brown. It was an amazing strategy that was clearly not on the list of one of the greatest players in the NBA.

Durant said he developed the plan after watching a film about his disappointing performances in Games 1 and 2.

“The first two games I tried to be too aggressive. And while watching the film, many of my teammates were open, ”Durant said. “My approach to this game was to play everyone. Enter the crime scene and let the ball find me.

“I just thought too much about this whole series, to be honest.”

Durant himself did not guess. Nash never changed his game plan.

“Maybe it was the wrong decision,” Durant said. “Maybe I had to be more aggressive to kill.”

Building a list also matters. GM Sean Marx has traded for player Ben Simmons with a history of back problems who haven’t gone a single minute this season. Simmons was back in street clothes on Saturday, apparently ready to make his Nets debut in Game 4. Two days too late. Simmons ’entire season has been a painstaking“ build-up, ”a word often used by Nash, and now it’s hard to untie him off the ramp for fragile people with walkers.

“They’re just bigger than us,” Durant told the Celtics.

Simmons, by the way, is 6-10.

Despite all the praise that Marx has received, the reality is that he has only won one playoff series in more than six years as a grandmaster. Billy King has done the same for the Nets in fewer seasons. Marx sacrificed his “culture” to appease Durant and Irving by throwing Kenny Atkinson to the sidelines and overseeing an environment that James Harden desperately wanted to give up.

Now Marx is in his third season after signing Kevin Durant and Caira Irving. It went wrong.


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