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Leading business development. Local non-profit food justice organization 412 Food Rescue to implement the new revenue plan the organization is looking for a full-time head of business development. Applicants should be experienced sales professionals who can build strong relationships with new and existing food donor accounts. Responsibilities include sales and marketing, strategic planning and more. Click here for more information

Program Assistant. Pittsburgh Nonprofit Dreams of hope, which provides local LGBTQ + youth and their allies with a “friendly environment for confidence-building, self-expression, and development as leaders,” there is a vacancy for a part-time program assistant. The position will be responsible for developing new programs, supporting the mentoring program, recruiting young participants, documenting and evaluating programs, managing social media efforts for auditions and special events, representing the organization at public gatherings and more. Salary $ 28,700. Applications are accepted until June 15. Click here for more information

Certified Nursing Assistant / Leading Team Specialists. Non-profit Verland Foundation, with a mission to meet the needs of individuals with severe and profound intellectual and physical disabilities, employs full-time certified assistant nurses / leading professionals on its Sewickley campus. Responsibilities include supporting and encouraging people with intellectual disabilities to become as independent as possible. Payment starts at $ 20 per hour and for a limited time includes a $ 5,000 entry bonus for certified full-time nursing assistants. Click here for more information

Refugee worker. Pittsburgh JFCS Refugee and Immigration Services is looking for a full-time refugee officer to follow clear guidelines to ensure successful resettlement of refugees. Responsibilities include pre-migration and post-arrival activities, including coordinating removals, providing food, security orientation, visiting the home, acting as an operator in the event of an emergency, assisting with the transition to work, and more. Administrative activities are also required. Click here for more information

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