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We searched the internet to find some of Pittsburgh’s best vacancies this week. If your company is hiring, send information including job title, job description and salary range jobs@pghcitypaper.com.


Scholar in advocacy, politics and civic activism. A non-profit organization in the fields of art, education and social justice 1Hood Media is looking for a part-time advocacy, policy and civic activist for one year in the policy and advocacy department. Responsibilities include researching policy issues, developing initiatives to respond to changing community needs, and more. Salary $ 25,000. Click here for more information

Mental health therapist
. The Persad Center. hires a full-time licensed mental health therapist for the LGBTQ community. Responsibilities include individual, pair and group therapy. Requires LCSW or LPC. The salary range is 45-60 thousand dollars. Click here for more information

Dispatcher operator. Local non-profit food justice organization 412 Food Rescue is looking for a full – time dispatcher operator. This position is responsible for implementing the organization’s technology platform. 412 Food Rescue Senior Director Partner Success Jennifer England tweets that this post “is interesting material. Working in a pan every day with donors, volunteers and nonprofits.” Click here for more information

Housing Manager. The YWCA of Greater Pittsburgh hires a full-time housing manager to implement and oversee the day-to-day services of the organization’s housing program. Responsibilities include managing and overseeing all housing programs and staff, monitoring administration and grant costs, overseeing customer databases, maintaining a high level of privacy, and more. The salary range is 42,000-48,500 dollars. Click here for more information

Art + entertainment

Tourism Manager. The Rivers of Steel Heritage Corporation is looking for a full-time tourism manager to head the organization’s tourism heritage department. Responsibilities include

development and sale of group tours, management of sightseeing tours and charters by Leader river boats, hiring and training part-time guides and more. Click here for more information

Creative media manager. The Carnegie Museum of Natural History hires a full-time Creative Media Manager to create video and audio content for marketing organizations, social media channels, web pages, digital platforms, podcasts and exhibits. Tthis position requires “creative visual storytelling skills” in addition to 3-5 years of experience in multimedia production and video / audio work. Click here for more information

Retail items. A new bookstore selling both books and ice cream, Books of Ottomansemploys several part-time and full-time positions for placement at the Terminal in the Strip area. Do you like books? Responsibilities include storage of shelves, organization of goods, work with the register and more. Do you like ice cream? Duties include serving ice cream to guests. Applicants should be able to work in the evenings and on weekends. Click here for more information

Event Manager. Department of Charity and Alumni Interaction University of Pittsburgh hires a full-time event manager. Responsibilities include creative and strategic project management for graduate relations, including planning and implementing Pete Alumni Association programs and activities, as well as event administration. Click here for more information

Assistant CEO. Restaurant in the city center Sienna Mercata hires a full-time assistant CEO to oversee day-to-day operations. Responsibilities include overseeing the recruitment and training of new employees, ensuring the productive work of staff and compliance with health and safety regulations, maintaining the budget and others. The salary range is 40-45 thousand dollars. Click here for more information

In front of the home server / bartender. Lawrenceville Vandal looking for a full time server / bartender. Mandatory service and bartending experience. Pays 20-22 $ / hour. Click here for more information

PM Line Cook. North Side Restaurant Figs and ash hires a full-time PM Line Cook with a “solid cooking experience”. Preference is given to knowledge of co-view, spicy meat, minced meat and fresh pasta. Pay $ 16-19 an hour. Click here for more information

The back of the Leader of the House of Representatives. Healthy Eating Restaurant in Auckland Roots Natural Kitchen is looking for a full-time head of the House of Representatives. Responsibilities include fast food delivery, hands-on activities, improving crew leadership skills and more. Pays $ 18-21 / hour. Click here for more information


Camp Adviser. The Day camp Chatham Music & Arts is looking for a seasonal camp counselor to oversee the young camp participants, ensuring they learn and have fun. Responsibilities include supervising camp activities, assisting instructors, and more. Pay $ 12-15 an hour. Click here for more information

Retail. Stryp district Spices Penzeys hires seasonal part-time retailers. “Humanity? Required. Retail experience? Not really.” Click here for more information

Casino staff. Greensburg Live! Casino May 26 on Thursday from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 18.00 holds a hiring event. Available vacancies include security ambassadors, Board game dealers, chefs, dishwashers, barbecues and more. Click here for more information

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