Officers, Pistol, Surround Car in Absecon, New Jersey, Shared Parking – NBC10 Philadelphia

It was a tense scene near the Dollar General store off the coast of Jersey on Tuesday morning when police officers were involved in the shooting.

According to a video taken by a passer-by, officers with guns could be seen in the parking lot of a store on New Road in Absecan, New Jersey. Soon it is heard that the shooting unfolded.

What exactly happened was unclear at noon, as investigators announced several details, except that none of the officers were injured. The video from the passer-by does not show what happens after the sounds, which could be shooting.

У short news releaseThe Atlantic County Attorney’s Office said it had responded to a “report from a police officer involved in the shooting.”

The prosecutor’s office stated that it had no additional information about the person involved or the victim. The office, however, said police officers were not injured.

Dozens of evidence markers could be seen on the ground when SkyForce10 hovered over the Dollar General parking lot to the south.


Police officers and signposts from above at the Dollar General car park in Absecan, New Jersey

This story is evolving and will be updated.

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