A burglary suspect in Tulsa, Oklahoma, drowned in a pond while fleeing from police on Thursday, the Tulsa Police Department said.

At approximately 4:30 a.m., Tulsa police officers responded to an alarm at the apartment building’s clubhouse, according to the police department on Facebook. When officers arrived, they found a broken glass door and a naked man inside, his wet clothes strewn about.

Officers took him into custody, but as they continued to investigate, they said the man made a break. He kicked open the back door of the club, jumped over a patio railing and landed in a pond as officers chased him.

Officers were in the water trying to rescue the man in “difficult conditions,” the department said. “They made a valiant effort, but the suspect went underwater and did not surface.”

A police dive team discovered the man’s body at a depth of about 10 feet. Photos posted by the police department on Facebook show a broken glass door and a dive team in the pond early in the morning after the incident.

The police said that the relatives of the suspect are being identified. CBS News has reached out for additional information and is awaiting a response.