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Today is Mother’s Day and I was thinking about my own mother. She left her earthly home at the age of 94 in 2008.

She was blessed with a sharp and active mind until shortly before her death she suffered a stroke. She could play Scrabble with the best!

I am 80 years old, the eldest of three sisters. Today I looked at my hands and thought, “These are my mother’s hands.” The long fingers are reminiscent of my father, but there is clear evidence that my hands are aging, although they are still very functional.

It seemed that the mother’s hands were always busy. The young mother had three daughters and a husband who cooked three meals a day.

There was also washing, ironing, baking and cleaning, as well as various pets and animals to be fed. Weeding a large garden and flower beds took a long time. Feeders often needed filling and responded to letters from distant loved ones.

Garden products were usually plentiful, and so the canning season began. By the fall, the basement shelves were filled with colorful jars ready for winter fun.

Her mother was also a talented writer, wrote many stories and poems, kept a daily diary. She was an avid reader and a woman of faith.

Mother loved to entertain, and many delicious dishes were brought to our dinner table, served on porcelain with cloth napkins. She played the piano for many years and led the church choir. In later years, as a widow, she engaged in crochet to have fun.

All these years my father worked equally hard; they were a team!

My parents were Joe and Ann Nisse, and I grew up in Adamstown with my sisters Greta and Pam.

So today I do not look with pity at my old hands; with gratitude they remind me of a mother I am happy and remember with love.

The author lives in Denver.

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