Olivia Coleman and Jesse Buckley reunited in Wicked Little Letters Movies

Olivia Coleman and Jesse Buckley reunite on “Wicked Little Letters”.

The two actresses starred together in the critically acclaimed drama “Lost Daughter”, and now they are paying attention to lighter fares, as they will play completely different neighbors who come together to unravel the mystery in the comedy directed by Thea Sherrock.

Johnny Sweet wrote the screenplay for the film, which is based on the real history of the 1920s and sees Edith Swan (Coleman) and other residents of the seaside town of Littlehampton receive a series of shocking letters, causing a fiery Rose Gooding (Buckley). fall under suspicion, leaving her at risk of losing her freedom and custody of her daughter.

But Officer Gladys Moss suspects something is wrong and joins forces with a group of women to find the truth.

Olivia and her husband Ed Sinclair will produce the film – which is set to begin in the UK this fall – for South Of The River with Studiocanal and Graham Broadbent and Peter Chernin of Blueprint.

The “Favorite” star said: “Here in South Of The River, we couldn’t be happier sitting next to Studiocanal and Blueprint, bringing this amazing true story to life.

“Evil Little Letters” is as hilarious as it is unexpected, with beautifully and lovingly drawn characters all over the field.

“Johnny Suite’s script captivated us from the front page. He has a wonderful view of the ridiculousness and pomp in his characters, and his experience as a stand-up comic gives a real highlight to his work.

“We are very pleased that the director is Theo Sharrock, a cinematographer who will allow our screenplay and characters to fly. Wicked Little Letters has a compelling and modern sensibility that boils under the cognitive and highly cinematic surface after the First World War , which ultimately gives a satisfying and relevant dramatic blow ”.

The director of the film “I’m in front of you” Thea is happy to participate in the project.

She said: “Wicked Little Letters” is a magical comedy with a deeply moving core. Cheerful, witty, joyful and based on a real story as relevant today as it was 100 years ago. Watching this movie will be like hitting your funny dice; when tears of pain and laughter are inseparable.

Olivia Coleman is cheerful, brilliant and brave. In the role of Edith, she will continue to show her extraordinary skills as an actor with her unique ability to make us fall in love with her. In “Jesse Buckley” we chose an actress that everyone wants to see; the character of the Rose on our screens.

“After ‘Lost Daughter,’ our film reunites the two most exciting, accessible, hilarious and wild actresses in the world.”


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