On Sunday, June 5, The Bryn Mawr Gazebo Main Line will host a benefit “Musicians On Call” – Mainline Media News

Harriton students Rose Weathers and Ava Grabar are hosting a third concert of singers and songwriters to raise awareness and raise money for the WXPN song “Musicians On Call”.

Various student musicians – vocalists, songwriters and bands – are scheduled to perform at The Bryn Mawr Gazebo on Sunday, June 5, from 3 pm to 7 pm.

During the exhibition there will be tables with goods that will be opened by crochet artist Amanda Olin (Lower Marion), jewelry designer Noah Ferrer (Lower Marion), Elanie Dwyer (Black Student Union, Radnor) and Brandon Colon (Colon Clothing, Upper Dar) .

Elanie Dwyer is working through the Radnor Blacks Student Union to raise funds to pack gift baskets for colored women battling breast cancer.

To look at Brendan Colon’s design, go to:

COLÓN APPAREL (@colonapparel) • Photos and videos on Instagram

Rose and Ava founded the Singer + Songwriters Main Line in the winter of 2021 to give musicians the opportunity to perform in a series of concerts led by students, promoting creativity and collegiality.

For information, write to Mary Brown,

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