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Deep concepts such as the legendary Hyperloop may never be realized (according to TribLive, recent layoffs in Virgin, the company behind the transport technology, makes it even less likely), which means that people in Pittsburgh will never get the experience of being shot through a tube in Chicago in less than an hour. At least we still have buses, and one promises a new route that will take passengers from all over western Pennsylvania, including Pittsburgh, to New York at a competitive fare.

Our bus, a company that offers affordable bus routes across the U.S., has announced it has added a new long-distance route from Slippery Rock to New York City. The route, which starts on Thursday, May 12, will offer pickup stops in Pittsburgh on Tenth Street and Penn Avenue, as well as in Breezewood, Harrisburg and Philadelphia, before ending at downtown Javits in Manhattan. There will also be a return route from New York.

The route will run four days a week from Slippery Rock, starting on Thursdays, and four days a week from New York, starting on Friday.

A search on the company’s website shows that there are currently direct routes from Pittsburgh to New York.

“College students and residents have not had a direct bus route from Slipper Rock to New York for more than 30 years – and OurBus is offering them a new, convenient option,” said OurBus CEO Numaan Akram in a press release. “We look forward to providing our new passengers with excellent service that will make their journey easier, relaxing and comfortable.”

OurBus claims to offer “the lowest fares in New York among competitive land carriers”.

By comparison, OurBus offered a bid from Pittsburgh to New York for $ 60 plus a booking fee of $ 2.60, a less expensive option compared to MegaBus, another major bus company that charged $ 69.99-74.99 plus a booking fee of $ 3.99 on the same date.

OurBus claims that the fee for the Slippery Rock-NYC route can be as little as $ 25.

In addition to cheap tickets, OurBus claims that passengers of its cars enjoy amenities such as free bottled water, free Wi-Fi and USB ports on each seat. Trips can also be rebooked or canceled on the day of departure, and funds can be downloaded to the wallet in the OurBus app.

The company also offers OurBus Select, a discount program for riders available to both families and frequent travelers.

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