Paris Financial Intelligence Business Intelligence Platform Corporate has raised €2 million in a seed round aimed at supporting the further development of the platform, including recruitment and commercial acceleration of startup offerings.

Let’s put it this way: reading financial reports and related information for rough diamond mining is a task that will save a select few, and none of us look forward to it. And in truth, those who look forward to it and can flash a cube are handsomely rewarded for their distillation.

But, and this is a hypothetical but (unlike Kim Kardashian), what if there was a solution that offered AI capabilities plus a series of interfaces that didn’t require a PhD? use, read and understand to get the same, if not more, and more accurate results?

And now, congratulations, you now understand what Corporates is all about.

“We created Corporatings with the goal of helping financial professionals access all the information available. In this way, we contribute to building an ecosystem where information creates value for all, thanks to the transparency of data and its transfer,” he elaborates. General director of the corporation Alexander Prat-FourcadeCFA.

Glancing at the trunk, from it Prism The Corporatings solution aims to provide auditors, corporate accounting departments and accountants with more accurate data through the review and analysis of pre-publication data.

Likewise through him Lens solution (picking up the nomenclature of optics here?) for auditors, CIOs, CEOs and just about anyone involved in financial analysis, a viewer for collecting hundreds of millions of data items on global companies, either by providing the data directly or by running tests, as just one an example.

“The corporation’s professionalism, as well as its ability to adapt to changes in regulations and anticipate our needs, provide us with continuous access to an innovative and effective audit solution that stands out from other solutions currently on the market,” commented a representative of KPMG France. Xavier Nifl.

Elaia partners led the seed round with €2 million 50 partners, VAeX Capital Partners (with former Boursorama CEO Vincent Taupin and Edmond de Rothschild), as well as angel investors, including the founders and CEOs of Quantalys, as well as some members Ephraim business angels all networks show their support.

Corporatings was previously supported Efrei Entrepreneurs and the Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines hatchery SQY Cub.

Elaya Celine Passedue commented: “We are pleased to support Corporatings, which has chosen the right time to target a market that has seen too little technological innovation with strong technology to solve the problem of automating the reading of financial (and soon non-financial) reports. Corporatings has the right team to successfully deliver this project with the right technology and business complementarity and strong ambition.”

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