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Not many teams can compare to the energy that Northampton brings to the volleyball court.

Once Konkrete Kids finds their rhythm – and as soon as the crowd gets involved – everything else is history.

The battle between Northampton and Whitehall took place on Tuesday in the first match of the semi-final doubleheader of the 11th class 3A of the district.

But in the blink of an eye the boisterous K-Kids team at the end of the match went on a huge run, making the score 3-1 [25-23, 20-25, 25-20, 25-15] victory, abruptly ending the season of Marshmallows.

Parkland, which received the first crops, closed Emmaus [25-21, 25-20, 25-21] in the second match of the evening at Catasauqua High School, organizing on Thursday the last showdown with Konkrete Kids.

“This will be the first appearance in the district finals in our program,” said Northampton coach Sue Arndt. “We knew [Whitehall] would put pressure and we just played on our own. We drove hard and fast. Our supply-reception was as strong as our energy level. ”

The K-Kids got a close win in the first set to set the pace of the match, but the Zephyrs came back strong to capture the second.

With a score of 10 in the third set, Northampton began looking for their big strikers.

Alex Schonen (9 assists, 4 blocks) and Jackson Fennel (6 assists, 9 assists) took the lead when the K-Kids increased their lead and eventually won the third set.

The fourth set was close, and went to 10-10 again. That’s when Northampton took full control.

While Schonen and Fenel lit up the scoreboard, teammates Johnny Martinez (8 assists, 5 blocks), Landon Nikisher (9 assists) and Keller Repash (49 assists) helped close the deal in front of the big K-Kids greeting section.

“It really was a team effort,” Arndt said. “We love our crowd, especially when they’re sitting right behind us.”

Parkland v. Emmaus: As usual, the peak of Trojans falls on the postseason. But this is not due to case law.

Parkland spent a week watching the movie and mentally preparing for the Green Hornets. And although the crime of the Trojans was again explosive, it was their defensive position that proved to be the difference against Emmaus.

“I wish I could say there’s a method for what we do, but it’s really just load management,” Parkland coach Scott Trumbauer said. “We are trying to maximize the physical abilities of our children. So this week we watched a movie and came up with a game plan to neutralize their aggressive delivery and keep them out of the system. ”

In defense, Chase Robbins, Lucas Dashukevich, Owen Rogers and Matt Bower joined forces in six blocks. Robbins and Ahzar Sumar also counted 26 excavations together.

The Trojans increased their numbers in attacks: Bauer (12 assists, 3 assists), Robbins (9 assists, 19 assists), Dashukevich (9 assists, 2 assists), Rogers (7 assists) and Will Stiles (22 assists). all significant participants.

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“Anyone can become our superstar any night, and it’s very nice,” Trumbauer said. “We’ve shown our nerves tonight, but we have so many players on the field and on the bench who can contribute.”

South Leahy made a long trip to New Milford and quickly worked with Blue Ridge in a subregional semi-final match of County 1-2-11.

The Spartans, seeded seventh, quickly burst forward and never looked back when corrected under No. 3 Red Raiders seeded No. 3, 25-18, 25-21, 25-22.

The leaders of the Southern Lehigh team were Hansen Fan (15 assists, 9 shots), Trey West (9 assists, 10 shots and 2 aces) and Quincy Bruner (30 assists, 2 assists and 2 aces).

Next, “Spartan” will travel to the subregional final, where on Thursday they will play with Doc Menanite, sown in first place, in the first double-header match in Katasaukua, and then there will be a final 3A.

Dante Terenzio is a freelance writer for The Morning Call.

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