Parties elect state lawmakers to lieutenant government State and region

HARISBURG, Pennsylvania – On Tuesday, voters from both parties selected Pennsylvania as their candidate for lieutenant governor this fall, and some prominent Republican leaders in the General Assembly found themselves in a fierce race.

Republicans have elected Kerry State MP Lewis DelRas, who will run for governor in November, State Senator Doug Mastrian. Democrats have nominated their candidacy for governor, Attorney General Josh Shapiro, he has been elected as the second commander of MP Austin Davis.

DelRasa, who is in her first term in the General Assembly, won the race with nine candidates, while Davis easily defeated state representative Brian Sims, whose energetic campaign failed to overcome the support of Davis Shapiro. Both DelRasa and Davis are from Allegheny County.

Davis, a McCisport resident, has been a state representative since 2018 and is a former aide to the executive branch of Allegheny County Rich Fitzgerald, a well-known elected Democrat. DelRasa is a former member of the city council who runs the public relations and marketing campaign.

In Pennsylvania, candidates for governor and lieutenant governor do not participate in the primary vote, but they are nominated as a ticket in the fall.

The lieutenant governor is the chairman of the Pardon Council and is the chairman of the sessions of the state Senate.

As votes were still being counted on Tuesday, the chairmen of the powerful Republican Appropriations Committee in both state legislatures were in a very tough race – Senator Pat Brown of Lehigh County and York County State’s Stan Saylor.

Another veteran member of the Republican House of York, a representative of Keith Gillespie, also took part in the fierce struggle.

At another very competitive primaries, Summer Lee State Representative D-Allegheny was teamed up with attorney Steve Irwin for an open seat in Congress in the Pittsburgh area.

Pennsylvania voters on Tuesday also voted in the primary for 17 seats in Congress. The state’s delegation to the state’s House of Representatives numbered 18 people – nine Democrats and nine Republicans – before one delegate was lost due to the 2020 census.

In the state House of Representatives, three races pitted incumbent leaders in constituencies where the first winner is likely to be sworn in in January.

Northwest of Harrisburg, Perry Stambo was well ahead in the Republican primaries against Jonathan Hershey. Southwest of Allentown, Republican Ryan Mackenzie led MP Gary in Danny. And in Philadelphia Democrat Chris Rabb won the primaries against MP Isabella Fitzgerald.

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