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Gabe Pekaitis is the new YAIAA champion in the sixth jump.

The sophomore from Gettysburg moved 13 feet 6 inches to win the YAIAA title after a frantic Friday night at Dolostown High School. Pekaitis was locked in a duel with jumper Mike Carlson of Bermuda Springs and Wyatt Dio of Delone Catholic. These three athletes from Adams County were the only jumps to win 13-0, and the bar was moved to 13-6. At this point, Pekaitis was called to report on the 4 x 100 meter relay.

“I felt a little hasty,” Pekaitis said. “I needed to work it all out and just play it out in my head exactly the way I wanted to do it. I tried to relay without me so I could just go to my area near the runway and just run and come back. But we had to be together. We just had to work with officials. “

Since the meeting was delayed by about an hour, Pekaitis never thought the two events would clash. But he approached and secured the Warriors relay team before returning to the runway. Meanwhile, Dio missed three attempts with a score of 13-6, while Carlson reached the height with the first attempt.

“I just had to go back, stay calm, take a three-minute break, and then speak,” Pekaitis said. “I didn’t watch when Carlson made the score 13-6, so when I came back I saw that he was no longer vaulted, but Didio was, so I thought he cleared it up. I just thought I’d just go out and beat him. “

When Pekaitis returned, he slipped on the runway and apparently made his best jump of the day by easily clearing the bar. The score was 14-0 on the bar. Since he had no misses before, and Carlson had one, Pekaitis would be the winner if Carlson failed to make 14-0, which would be his personal best.

After Carlson came out, Pekaitis made three attempts with a score of 14-0, coming very close to two second, and settled for first place with a score of 13-6.

“Today’s vault made me make sure I could climb much higher using the same pillar,” Pekaitis said. “There are just a few little things I have to work on, like adjust the standards a bit, but I feel good.”

From the very beginning the meeting was off schedule due to some problems in the operation of the fully automatic timing system. Due to the delay, the full results were not available at the time of the press.

In the long jump among girls Alison Watts from Bermuda and Ann Bair from Gettysburg reached the final, Watts took second place and Bair – fourth. No one made the big jump, with the top four within four inches of each other. Watts improved the distance by making a 16-10.5 jump in the final, while Bair skipped the third jump from 16-8. It was 16-8.75, but she remained fourth. Watts overtook Olive Soisan of Central York, who made a big leap in the final and won 17-10.5, which was the best of the season.

The local couple also competed together in the triple jump, but the final did not start during the press.

Alexandra Nice had a personal best result in pole vault 10-6, finishing third in the South Western. Immediately behind her was Lily Carlson of Bermuda. The freshman jumped 10-0 to fourth place.

Winter Oaster started Gettysburg with a 2:29 match in the 4 x 800, and the “Warriors” took a respectable fifth place in the best season of 10: 23.0. The boys in 4 x 800 had another good result, as the boys took fourth place with a score of 8: 43.0. Senior Drew Cole ran inspired by the anchor leg (2:05), bypassing two runners with a fierce streamer. York Suburban ran on the last lap to easily win.

Of the eight finalists in the 100-meter hurdles among the girls, five were from Adams County. Lily Labour from Bermuda took fourth place in this race. The time was not right away.

The story in the sprint was Leila Campbell of Spring Grove. In the qualifying round, Campbell gave a phenomenal 11.24 seconds per 100 and an equally impressive 23.58 in 200. Both times destroyed the YAIAA scores she set at last year’s meeting. In the final of the 100th Campbell again burned the track, winning the 10 meters with a winning time of 11.67. The sophomore, a national-class sprinter, broke her record in the 200 by eight-tenths of a second.

Bernard Bell looked great, winning 110 barriers for South Western. Not far behind is Carlson for Bermuda Springs in third place. Obstacles were before the start of the stick jump.

In the youth, Eagle Aaron Weigl finished fourth, making his best throw of the month 132-1, just over 10 feet behind winner Joseph Sevison of Central York.

Next, the qualifying athletes will take part in the District III Championships, which will be held on May 20-21 at the University of Schippensburg. The district meeting is a qualifying match for the national championship. The district qualifying competitions will be announced on Sunday.

Continuation of coverage of the meeting will be available in the online edition of the Gettysburg Times on Monday.

YAIAA Athletics Championships

Friday – Dallastown HS

(8 best participants in each event)

High jump: 1. Derry (SW) 6-3, 2. Martin (SW) 6-2, 3. Jacob Ogle (F) 5-10, T4. Holden Krabbs (NO), Jonah Longenecker (F), Robert Salazar (Big), Smith (KD), Hersh (SW), Zimmer (CY) 5-8; Discussion: 1. Savison (Sweden) 142-7, 2. Arnold (YT) 140-11, 3. Wentz (Dahl) 140-8, 4. Aaron Weigle (BS) 132-1, 5. Snedegar (Sousse) 127-2 , 6. Stambo (Dal) 125-5, 7. McLendan (CD) 124-2, 8. Cop (Sousse) 123-2; Triple jump: 1. James (RL) 43-11.25, 2. Jammeh (Southwest) 42-10, 3. Scott (Dahl) 42-5, 4. Martin (South) 41-5.75, 5. Johnson (Dahl) 41-4.25 , 6. Ricky Pacana (BS) 41-3.25, 7. Josh Leahy (NO) 41-1.75, 8. Rake (KD) 40-6.75

Sixth jump: 1. Thorne (CY) 11-6, 2. Hornbeam (SG) 10-6, 3. Nice (SW) 10-6, 4. Lily Carlson (BS) 10-0, 5. Butz (YS) 10-0 , 6. Thomas (Wyoming) 9-6, 7. Marisa Miller (District of Columbia) 9-0, 8. Neutzel (Dahl) 8-6; Long jump: 1. Susan (CY) 17-10.5, 2. Marx (Sus) 17-1, 3. Alison Watts (BS) 16-10.5, 4. Anne Baer (G) 16-8.75, 5. Stewart (YS) 16- 2.25, 6. Allen (Dahl) 15-6.5, 7. Miller (DC) 15-5.25, 8. Miller (Dow) 15-2.5; Javelin: 1. Miller (Dow) 116-3, 2. Gottwals (CY) 113-3, 3. Felix (EY) 110-4, 4. Shailey Stabler (NO) 109-7, 5. Olson (SW) 102-0 , 6. Leccher (South West) 101-3, 7. McIntyre (RL) 98-8, 8. Wildasin (Khan) 92-0

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