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NEW YORK – In the original version of Pen Goggle’s Gossip Girl, Dan Humphrey was nicknamed The Lonely Boy, an introverted teenage outsider who craved fast forward buttons in high school.

The actor enjoys his own acquaintance with a tight young man, co-creating and posting SiriusXM’s Stitcher a podcast called “Podcrushed. ”

The podcast, dedicated to the awkwardness of adolescence, starts on May 18.

In each episode, Bagley tells a first-person story of the listener about that often troubled time. Some are funny, some laughed, others sad. He was then joined by co-hosts – and co-authors – Nava Cavelin and Sophie Ansari to talk to the guest about their own experiences. Among the guests are former colleagues of Beigley Leighton Mister from “Gossip Girl” and Victoria Pedretti from “You”. Drew Barrymore and Raine Wilson also visit. The podcast includes a score and animation that the hosts will share online.

Badgley and Cavelin share the production company Ninth Mode. Cavelin told the actor that she would be doing a podcast about adolescence, and to her surprise, despite her busy schedule, he wanted to attend (David Ansari is also one of the authors).

“He (Badley) is doing an amazing job reviving stories, and now I can’t imagine it without him,” Cavelin said.

“I was just very fascinated by the stories,” Badgeley told Zoom in London, where he is making the Netflix movie “You,” in which he plays a killer stalker. “I remember that time for me when I moved to Los Angeles and started becoming a professional actor. I think I think a lot about that time, about the feeling of self that has developed since then because of the things I experienced and witnessed. ”

The set of emotions that arise in adolescence is universal, the actor said.

“Ask someone what happened when they were 12 and you’ll get an answer,” 35-year-old Badgeley said. “You won’t get any answer.”

У a call for submissions Badgley shared awkward photos online, writing that he was “about two years younger” than most children in his class. It was “absolutely painful to seem younger, smaller and less” manly “than my peers.”

“I feel like each of them has such key moments that happen to them in high school that eventually become shared memories that shape who we are for better or worse,” Ansari said of the show’s connections.

It’s also sometimes extremely amusing to listen to Badgley, a skilled narrator whose voice is heard in every episode of “You”.

“It’s very interesting to hear Peng talk about the first period, and such a deep voice is really interesting,” Ansari said.

Badgley said he likes the opportunity to narrate and likes it “more than me, maybe anything”. “If I could have a full career as a storyteller, I think I would explore that.”

He also remembers finding that nice place in another person’s storytelling that is both respectful and fascinating. He says he read some materials that made him almost cry, others turned his stomach.

“We never want it to feel like, ‘Why is this dude reading other people’s stories?’ It’s a lot more like what’s fun in that it’s told this way, and then I take on the character every time ”.

Badgley says we can’t stress how crucial adolescence is for development.

“These stories remain in our minds more than just” it was embarrassing and humiliating, and it made me shudder. ” This stands out because it is the experience that shapes your sense of identity that underpins every decision you make for the rest of your life. These things can be developed and changed, but the experience you do or don’t have really tells you that it’s possible. “

Sophie Ansari said there was a topic among the women they spoke to. Many have received comments about their appearance in adolescence that they still remember.

“One thing that almost everyone felt was a comment about their body or how they looked, which stayed with them for a long time. And often, in fact, these comments are just ridiculous, “Ansari said.

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