Pennsylvania County 34: Summer Lee and Abigail Salisbury Election Guide Pittsburgh

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Illustration by CP: Lucy Chen

Summer Lee and Abigail Salisbury

Area 34 covers several eastern suburbs, including Swissvale, Forest Hills and Braddock. She is currently represented by Summer Lee, who is vying for re-election to her state seat in this race in addition to her application to Congress.

Summer Lee

Biography: The current candidate. A resident of Svisvale. Lawyer and community organizer. In 2018, the first black woman from the southwestern part of the state was elected to the state House of Representatives. Born and raised in North Braddock. Founded by UNITE PAC to support other progressive candidates, in particular women, LGBTQ candidates and color candidates. Re-elected in 2020.

Climate change: Opposes fracking. Participated in a coalition that successfully organized to stop the proposed fracturing in Braddak. The movement of the sunrise approved her participation in Congress.

Infrastructure: In 2021 announced allocating more than $ 10 million in public funds to replace lead plumbing, rehabilitate stormwater, and park and recreation projects in the area. He defended for federal investments in MLK East Busway and Mon-Fayette Expressway.

Tax income: Tweets in 2021 in support of taxation UPMC.

Confirmations: Independent Democratic Club of the 14th Chamber. Approved by other racers in the US

Abigail Salisbury

Biography: Attorney and member of the Swissvale District Council. Previous Chairman of the Board. Individual practitioner in nonprofit and small business law. He received his law degree from the University of Pittsburgh. Since 2015 he has lived in Swisweil. Grew up in Ohio.

Climate change: Wrote it will “encourage the use of fuels other than fossil fuels, encourage / promote composting programs in the county, and explore alternatives to the currently inefficient plastics recycling program.” Told KP she is concerned about how climate change will affect infrastructure needs.

Infrastructure: Wrote that despite the fact that no one has died at the local level as a result of recent infrastructure failures, “We will not always be so lucky.” Critical of the frequent overflow problems of the Pittsburgh Combined Sewer System. Told KP“Since I’ve worked in municipal government, I’m more focused on, frankly, setting up your sewer infrastructure than on big, high-end concepts.”

Tax income: Believes that large for-profit nonprofits like UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh should pay more taxes. Told KP“When [Pitt] can spend millions on union breakdown while they preach equality to their students, they can probably save a little money ”on infrastructure.

Confirmations: Allegheny County Democratic Committee, Local Sheet Metal Workers’ Union 12, Local Union of Ironworkers 3, Local Union of Insulators 2


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