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Illustration by CP: Lucy Chen

Brian Sims, Ray Sosa and Austin Davis

The lieutenant governor is the second state commander to take office when the governor dies or resigns. Can also be an effective lawyer on specific issues. Josh Shapiro, the sole candidate in the Democratic primary, backed Austin Davis, but voters will decide which of the candidates will share a ticket with him this fall.

Austin Davis

Biography: Since 2018, he has been the first black state representative in the 35th constituency. Represents the Mont Valley, which includes both most black areas and residents of the white working class. Graduated from the University of Pittsburgh. Former assistant to the head of the Allegheny district, Rich Fitzgerald, where he served as his trustee on the Prison Oversight Board, among other tasks. Lives in McKeesport.

Criminal Justice: Against a mortgage. Argues that the financial situation “should not be a burden to someone who has been in jail for weeks” while they await sentencing or a hearing. He adds that many people “who are like me” cannot afford bail, leading to job loss. He says prisons should be “correctional facilities.”

Development: Told KP he wants “development without movement”. He says that the money received from construction projects should be returned to the community for housing and social services. Wants a “one-to-one replacement” for developers – believes that new high-rise buildings should be equal to the number of available units with those that cost completely.

Abortion: He says Rowe W. Wade is under threat and he will always defend the right to choose.

Confirmations: Attorney General (and candidate for governor) Josh Shapiro, Gov. Tom Wolfe, former Gov. Ed Randall, Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gaine, Mike Doyle (D-Forrest Hills), Allegheny County Democratic Committee, PA SEIOU State Council, AFCI, Penns Planned Parenthood PA PAC, Steel City Stonewall Democrats, etc.

Brian Sims

Biography: The first openly gay, elected to the General Assembly. Since 2012, he has served as Philadelphia’s representative in the Central City. Former Political Advocate who served as a policy and planning advisor to the Philadelphia Bar Association. He graduated from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and the College of Law of Michigan State University.

Criminal Justice: He wants to reform “our broken criminal justice system”. Tweets “We all need to believe in a second chance” and introduced a bill that provides information to previously imprisoned people about their rights after release, and identifies barriers to their voting. Wants to demilitarize the police; in 2021, introduced the bill ban police from wearing camouflage. Introduced legislation requiring the Attorney General appoint a special prosecutor in cases of deadly police force.

Development: He says we need to have “sustainable development”. Introduced four bills offering tax breaks to developers who are effectively renovating buildings, including energy-efficient windows and building green roofs.

Abortion: Tweeted that access to abortion is “constitutional and human rights”And that’s it we need “Every tool we have to restore access to health care – including the governor in favor of the election, and LG in Pennsylvania.”

Confirmations: Monroe Young Democrats of Pennsylvania, LGBTQ Victory Foundation, Liberty City LGBTQ Democratic Club, Philadelphia Neighborhood Networks, Lehigh Valley for All, Greater Reading PAC, The Mayor of Stroudsburg Tara Probst, member of the council of Khadija al-Amin, different states. Rep. et al.

Ray Sosa

Biography: Banker and insurance agent. He previously ran for the post of lieutenant governor in 2018, becoming the first Latin American candidate to run for the post. Graduated from the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico. He was appointed by three governors to several committees, including emergency management and response. Born in Puerto Rico, lives in Montgomery County.

Criminal Justice: Believes in post-prison and rehabilitation opportunities and wants to “break the pipeline from poverty to prison”. Told PCNTTV he opposes the death penalty and that solitary sophistication is a violation of human rights. Believe in “common sense gun control” and check the information every time you buy a firearm.

Development: He says he wants to set up rural infrastructure, including reforming subsidies and the tax structure, to “give preference to local farmers”, according to his website.

Abortion: Supports funding for planned parenting, according to A citizen of Philadelphia.

Confirmations: None were found

This story was updated at noon on May 4 with additional endorsements for Brian Sims, as provided by his company.

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