WASHINGTON – Pete Alonso approached a plate of bases loaded against a gassed 23-year-old Nationals pitcher. Alonso closed his eyes and took a deep breath to score 2-1. The Mets’ bumper then sent Joan Adon’s 86th and final inning to the moon on the night – which was placed like a Grand Slam over the left wall of the field.

Alonso watched him float – the ball hung in the air for almost seven seconds – but he didn’t wait for it to fall before turning the bat over and jogging around the bases. Alonso’s first-ever Grand Slam tournament was also his first home run this year, and that was all it took for the Mets to move to zero and beat the United States 5-0 in Saturday night at Nationals Park.

“Grandi got sick,” said Alonso, who performed the feat just two days after being hit with tar, resulting in a bloody and swollen lip. On Friday, Francisco Lindar also received a slap in the face to the Nationals pitchers, and shortstop returned to the lineup on Saturday, reaching base in four of five plate performances.

“Salary is one thing, you obviously expect a lot of talent,” said Chris Basit, who ruled out the six-frame National Championship on Saturday. “But we have two guys with completely broken companies in two games, and they are in the lineup the next day. Being on a team that wants to grind as hard as this team is a success. ”

The Mets ’third straight win this year was not only an insult. Far from it.

The starting “Mets” also continued a strong start in their first turn through rotation.

Amazin’s new pitcher Chris Basit blinded by his debut in the “Mets” and his first victory this year. Basit made three strikes, one move and recorded eight outs during his 93rd field. GM Billy Apple exchanged for Basito in March, just a couple of days after the MLB lockout was lifted – in exchange for Auckland sent a petition to J. T. Gin and pitcher Adam Oler.

“He has a really great idea,” said manager Buck Shawolter of Basita. “He can realize it in the game. He can fight. A lot of guys just automatically go to something he’s comfortable with. He is there to bring people out. I think he knows himself well. “

The Nationals strikers were baffled by Basito’s pitch mix, which included fastball, slider, substitution, boat, sinker and bloody ball. Mets hunter James McCann went through Basito’s entire arsenal, showing signs of the right-hander shaking his head before nodding at his final decision.

Basito’s first strike-out in 2022 came at the expense of one of the best strikers in baseball. Aside from the fact that Juan Soto’s strikeout is a feat in itself, Basit started that bat behind in the count, 3-0. His cutters and replacements didn’t make Soto bite, so Basit switched to his four-way car. He painted the inside of the plate with two fastballs before forcing Soto to swing and miss at 94 miles per hour a four-way car to end the battle with an impressive spirit.

“I don’t care who you are, I’m following you,” Basit said. “I faced a lot with (Shohei) Ahtani, a lot of encounters with (Mike) Trout. I don’t care the name on the back of your shirt, I’m going. This is my mentality, no matter who I encounter. I know he is probably the best striker in the world. But I don’t care. “

On Saturday, Basit became the second pitcher in history to make his debut for the Mets without points, with at least six innings with eight or more strikeouts. Colin McHugh was first when he scored seven zero innings in 2012 and scored nine.

Minutes after the final Saturday Basita was greeted by a large group of his friends and family who were waiting for him near the Mets Club. As they were leaving, one of his friends told reporters, “Basit is a piece!” When Basit learned about their antics, Pitcher Mets said: “I have a lot of friends and family who are very happy to be on another team. Having been on the West Coast and the East Coast for so long, these 10-hour starts were not great. ”

After his remarkable Mets inauguration on Saturday, fans in Queens are very happy that he is also on another team.

So move on to Max Scherzer and, ultimately, to Jacob de Grom. Technically Bassit may be the starting number 3, but in the Mets rotation, of course, there is another ace.


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