Phil Monsanner: 50th Anniversary Tour of Roxy Music “Under” Brian Eno Music

Phil Monsanner of Roxy Music says the upcoming 50th anniversary tour will be “under” Brian Eno.

The first 11-year glam rock legend tour begins in September in Canada and includes three dates in the UK.

The tour will be the first time Brian Ferry, Andy McKay, Paul Thompson and Phil performed together on stage since the 2011 For Your Pleasure tour.

However, the former participant Brian – who played the synthesizer and was briefly a backing vocalist between 1970 and 1973 – will not participate in the meeting, although he was allegedly invited.

Phil told MOJO magazine, “What would he do for songs he didn’t have?

Just hanging out? That would be a little lower than him. “

Their return to the States evokes wild memories of how they were thrown water bombs and called “b ******” at their shows there at the very beginning of their careers.

Phil recalled: “Played in ‘Re-Make / Re-Model’ and ‘The Bob,’ despite the fact that we had water bombs dropped when we were called fucking, and that you have.”

The 71-year-old guitarist joked that he would like to see their American fans “glamorous” and wear feathers in honor of the androgynous style of Ino.

Phil jokingly said, “Actually, I want people to come dressed, dressed!

“I want to see people in feathers, in honor of Ino.”


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