Philadelphia celebrity “Selena Forever” during the Brooklyn Cube Fiesta

Commemorated in the scene of the Philadelphia Cathedral

Taylor Phillips sang with the movie “Selena”: the beam, the music, the fashion, everything beautiful. Every time you play the game, wait for the final difference, finding that this is a change. Aunque ella no puede cambiar el pasado, la historia de Selena le acuerda a Phillips que quacquier persona puede dejar un legado.

“I don’t care what you do, you can make your mark in this world,” said the 29-year-old muralist. “Your music, your art can be preserved, but the treatment of what is physically in this land is what you can do.”

Entonces cuando el dueño de Tina’s Tacos en Fishtown le presentó la idea para hacer un mural inspirado por Selena al frente de su restaurante, Phillips sabía que lo tenía que hacer.

El Mural a menudo atrae clientes por dentro del restaurante inspirado de Bob’s Burgers, donde a veces se escucha a Selena cantando en el fondo.

Symone Salib, another muralist in Philadelphia, but she was listening to Selena, but she was looking for music in the college. Yes with 29 years, she toka “Dame Un Beso“When you are in the studio or when you are playing with your friends because you feel like home.”

“Music is so beautiful, because it can be a very important feeling in the memory of memories”, – Dyjo Salib, a Cuban artist and Egyptian and art educator in Philadelphia. “I can feel the fact that she was part of the process before she knew me.”

The works of art of Salib are normally central to the community, and in the past they have art that represents the culture of the parts of the world. In 2020, she posted on Instagram some ideas of potential murals to manifest in reality.

Despeés de tener un día lleno de un maratón de la serie original de Netflix, dos horas llenas de entrevistas con ella, su familia, y su asesina, y terminando con la película titular del 1997, se decided to make a mural of 1997 artist.

Aún todavía no está en ningún edificio, Salib sabe que algún día será una realidad.

“Forever Selena” is love

Santero, who organized the party this week, but Selena.

For it, it is the work of music and its identity. As an immigrant ch’orti ‘maya guatemalteco, selling as Selena mezclaba genres of pop and Mexican music traditional lo animó.

“I only know how to be like her, without hesitation, she was amazing and refreshing and inspired me,” he said. “I believe that I am influential in doing this and that I have done it today.”

The events of Forever Selena requieren mucho trabajo, pero para Santero es gratificante ver a los fans y artistas juntos en un lugar commemorando a uno de sus cantantes favoritos y pasándolo bien.

“We want to love the love we have for Selena and your music”, – Сантера дыжо, – “and for the community that she is doing again”.

El Forever Selena Tribute and Fiesta celebrates El Viernes, May 26, at the Brooklyn Bowl Philadelphia, 1009 Canal St. The doors open at 6 pm and the event empires at 8 pm Boletus que se compran adelantados son $ 17 y son $ 20 per entrance.


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