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Students studying Latin or Greek at Main Line and Metropolitan Philadelphia schools are encouraged to begin planning their PCS Latin Week entries for the 2022-23 school year.

Last year’s winning entries included a recreation of a scientific model of the eruption of Vesuvius, portraits of ancient Greeks and Romans, mosaics based on ancient patterns seen in structures at archaeological sites, life-size costumes suitable for a movie or The History Channel, and full military uniform for a Roman centurion.

In addition, student poets and writers, in both Latin and English, have produced remarkable “receptive works” that provocatively evoke the cultures and myths of ancient Mediterranean worlds.

In addition, metalwork students produced wearable jewelry for Sappho, Zenobia, Clodia, and Cleopatra.

It won’t be long before area students begin researching and organizing the materials needed to create and produce works for the February 2023 competitions.

As simple as “1, 2, 3,” Latin and Greek students can choose a project category, plan and work on their projects, and present, all in a methodical sequence spread over the following months.

To cater for all interests and abilities, there are ten traditional art categories, four computer-based project options, four literary compositions to choose from, a notebook drawing competition, a T-shirt design, and a Level 3, Level 4, and Level 5 Latin competitive exam.

There really is something for everyone, whether a student registers through their school’s Latin or Greek teacher, or registers with Independent Student Registration for a $5 fee.

The student project categories indicate the many options available: Sketches or Drawings, Paintings, Sculpture and Handmade Ceramics, Models, Jewelry, Life-Size Costumes, Life-Size Military Costumes, Mosaics, Arts and Crafts, and Illustrated Comic/Storyboard .

Computer Options: Comics/Storyboards, 3D Models, Minecraft Buildings, and Digital Art.

All projects must adhere to an original interpretation or depiction of an artifact, object, or scene suggested by classical Greek or Roman mythology, history, archeology, or literature.

The week of February 19, 2023 has been selected for this year’s 84th annual Latin Week competition, which is open to all students of Latin and Greek in grades 3-12 in Main Line, Metro Philadelphia, Delaware and New Jersey.

Teachers of Greek may create their own exams and submit student work for review by PCS staff.

Eligible students are eligible to win awards at four levels: summa cum laude, magna cum laude, cum laude and Best in Category.

The various Best in Category projects will be showcased at the annual awards dinner to be held at Drexlbrook Catering in Drexel Hill on Saturday, April 29, 2023.

During the awards luncheon, the judges will select a “Best in Show,” which will be announced on-site along with the names of the winners of the Latin Competitive Exam.

The Philadelphia Classical Society is offering the Notebook Competition again in 2023. These notebooks are issued to all teachers whose students participate in the 84th Annual Latin Week Competition.

PCS officers are also sponsoring a Dr. T-shirt. Lynn Iozzo 2023
drawing contest, and winning shirts with original designs will be available for purchase at the awards dinner.

Dr. Iozza, a former president of PCS, taught at Shipley School for many years and was a highly successful and enthusiastic advocate of the richness and value of Greek and Latin studies.

For T-shirt designs, students are encouraged to submit original, classically styled artwork to complement the 2022-2023 Aphorism, which will be announced in early November.

Both the aphorism and the design will appear on the back of the shirt, which will be professionally made by Mark Williams of Jellen Designs ( ).

Again, students whose Latin or Greek teachers are not participating may register on their own through Mary Brown, PCS President, via email ( for a $5 fee.

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