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A guide to where to dine in the city of brotherly love

In many unique areas of Philadelphia you can find many restaurants. With many options there is something to satisfy any craving for food. Here is a list of restaurants that can not stop admiring both residents and guests.

Old Town / Tarv

Rich in American history but also rich in international flavors, the Old Town’s offerings include Cuban dishes in Cuba Libreseasonal Italian dishes on Positano CoastSpanish torch on Amadaand Asian fusion plates Buddakan. Another fan favorite in the Old Town Forkwhich offers options from farm to table. There are some sandwich shops in the Old Town that are a must try Campo’s Philly Cheese Steaks and Famous Sony steaks.

To eat at Old City and Society Hill, Click here.

Fishtown / South & Olde Kensington

A number of options are available in Fishtown, South and Old Kensington. Laser wolf was recently added to one of the best new restaurants in the world from Condé Nast Traveler and famous for its Israeli kebabs, fresh hummus and baba ganush. Suraya – market, restaurant and garden – offers Lebanese dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. To get a more nautical attention menu, check out Kensington Quarter. Other favorites include Cheu Fishtown + nun and Pizzeria Beddia which took place as one of the best pizza places in America from The Daily Meal.

To eat in Fishtown, Click here.

Rittenhouse Square

Rittenhouse Square, considered one of the main restaurants in Philadelphia, has many upscale options. Parkrefers to one of 100 of America’s Most Colorful Restaurants OpenTable in recent years, is a Parisian beer restaurant in the heart of Philadelphia. Other favorites of Rittenhouse Square include Love, Dandelion, El Reyand Barclay Prime.

To eat at Rittenhouse Square, Click here.

Chinatown / Conference Center District

Experience the Chinatown of Philadelphia in your local favorite place House for the Beijing duck Sang Kior a sample of the different amount options available at Tom’s smoke or Garden Dim Sam. A short walk from Chinatown, the city’s oldest permanent tavern McGillin’s Old Ale House also a local favorite. Little Italy Magjana, Stubbornand Bank and Bourbon are other favorites in the field.

To eat in Chinatown, Click hereas well as for places to eat near the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Click here.

Southern Philadelphia

Home of competing cheese shops King Steak Pat and Gene SteaksSouthern Philadelphia is filled with favorite places in your hometown. The main things of the neighborhood include Ralph’s Italian Restaurant and Cafe Victortogether with Sarcone Bakery famous for its delicious tomato pie. For sweets be sure to try some of South Philadelphia’s favorites Federal donuts, John’s water ice, Pop’s homemade water iceand The Termini Brothers Is a bakery founded in 1921, specializing in Sicilian pastries, cookies and cannoli.

To eat in South Philadelphia, Click here.

Washington Square West / Gayborhood / Midtown Village

Lots of options await at Washington Square West, including Indeblue, El Vez, Merkazand Marimota. For plant-based dishes head to Wedge – one of the Thrillist 33 best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in America. Another famous restaurant that has recently attracted national attention Kuchin’s windsone of the Thrillist 34 best Italian restaurants in America.

For more food in Washington Square West, Gayborhood and Midtown Village, Click here.

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