Phillies Dollar Night dog schedule and fan reaction to popular promos

Philadelphia Phyllis fans can eat – especially hot dogs. Phyllis always proposal great promotions for their fans. Everyone loves Fr. free doodle and t-shirtbut the best action could be Dollar dog nights.

The first Dollar Dog Night of the 2022 season took place on April 26th. It’s over 23,000 fans attended to watch Phyllis play with the Colorado Horn. In doing so, they scarf down 36,431 hot dogs.

The next dollar night of dogs May 3, Phillies supporters topped the previous week. According to Dan Gelston of the AP, Eaten 43,752 hot dogs.

It was too the dog’s last dollar night scheduled for the 2022 season. In previous years, there were more. Play Pennsylvania turned to Philadelphia Phillies for comment but has not yet received a response.

Phillies paint large numbers of hot dogs

I’m not a mathematician, though 27 788 Phyllis fans are eaten 43,752 hot dogs on Tuesday when Phyllis took over Texas Rangers… This is 1.57 hot dogs per person. Everyone in the stands had one to two hot dogs (on average).

Each Hatfield Beef franc is 170 calories. On the hot dogs alone, Phyllis fans consumed 7.4 million calories. If you want to include hot dog buns, let’s say they are 145 calories per bun. In some buns with hot dogs, Phyllis fans consumed 6.3 million calories. Add them together and the site visitors ate 13.7 million calories on Tuesday.

Phillies fans love Dollar Dog Nights

Philadelphia there is the best sports town in the country. But make no mistake, we love to complain, argue, and be sarcastic.

In the end, we got Phyllis third base Alec Bohm say “I hate this place” in the middle of the game, after he really played on the field.

Now there is something to be upset about. Expensive line Phillies did not give stellar results. The Sixers lose 0-2 Miami Heath in the second round of the NBA playoffs without Joel Embide when the series returns to Philadelphia. And the Flyers have not won the Stanley Cup in 47 years and have just finished one of the worst seasons.

With one we can all agree: “Dog nights in dollars” “light up”. Phillies fans love Dollar Dog Nights. I’ll let the tweets speak.

In the 2022 season, only two Dollar Dog nights are scheduled

Despite the fact that last season “Phyllis” held three “Doll Dog Nights”. Philadelphia not allowed crowd to full capacity at Citizens Bank Park until June 4.

In 2019, the last season with no limits for fans, Phyllis had four Dollar dog nights. In 2018, Phyllis had three Dollar dog nights.

Only two Dollar Dog Nights nights have been scheduled for Phyllis this season. Fans are not happy about it.

Love in dollar dogs

Tuesday was not a dollar night. I’m starting to wonder if dollar hot dogs can get drunk.

This Tweet Barstool Philly during the week toured on social networks. Please go through the comments. I promise you will laugh.

Fans want more

Enjoy the two Dollar Dog Nights we spent, but let me be honest, two are just unacceptable.

Fans have said they want more. Everyone is having a good time and it even makes it a competition between friends.

Leading image of Chris Chagall / AP

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