Philly to celebrate Selena with a tribute and a dance party

Immortalized in the street scenery of Philadelphia

Standing up, Selena’s film captivated Taylor Phillips: plot, music, fashion. Every time she watched a movie, she hoped for the other end, wanting it to be different this time. Although she can’t change the past, Selena’s story reminds Phillips that everyone can leave a legacy.

“No matter what happens physically, you can leave a mark in this world,” said the 29-year-old artist. “Your music, your art can live on, it’s not what is on this physical earth, but what you can leave behind.”

So when Tina’s Tacos owner in Fishtown came up with the idea to make a Selena-style mural on the facade of his restaurant, Phillips realized she had to do it.

The mural often draws customers to Bob’s Burgers restaurant, where they sometimes hear Selena playing.

Simon Salib, another Philadelphia artist, did not grow up listening to Selena, but discovered music in high school. Now she’s 29, she’s exploding. “Dame Un Beso“when she’s in her studio or preparing empanadas with friends because” it feels like home. “

“The music is so beautiful because it can play that really important, inner feeling against the backdrop of memories,” said Salib, a Cuban and Egyptian artist and art teacher from the Branch. “It may seem like she’s involved in the process, even if she doesn’t know me.”

Salib’s work is usually community-oriented, and often she creates art that represents her culture or part of herself. In 2020, she began posting potential mural ideas on her Instagram to implement them into reality.

After Selena spent a day filled with watching the original Netflix series, a two-hour interview with her, her family and her killer and concluding the 1997 main film, she decided to make a mock-up of the artist’s mural.

Although he has not yet decorated any of the buildings, Salib knows he will one day make it a reality.

“Forever Selena” is a work of love

Selena meant a lot to Santer, who is having a dance party this weekend.

For him, it was her music as well as her identity. As an immigrant from Guatemala, the Maya Devils, seeing Selena mix genres from pop music to classical Mexican genres, confirmed it.

“Just seeing someone be her, without apology, was so amazing, refreshing and inspiring to me,” he said. “It probably has a big impact on why I’m still doing what I’m doing today.”

Forever Selena events are very hard work, but it is nice for Santer to see fans and creators come together to honor one of their favorite singers and have fun.

“We do it out of love for Selena and her music,” Santer said, “and for the community she left behind.”

Honoring and dancing party “Forever Selena” will take place on Friday, May 26, at the Brooklyn Bowl Philadelphia, 1009 Canal St. Doors open at 6 p.m., and the show will begin at 8 p.m. Tickets pre-cost $ 17 and $ 20 at the door.


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