Phish Fan, a non-profit organization, is making a donation of 1,000 to Warwick High School after Rock Lititz’s performance | Entertainment

Warwick High School recently received a $ 1,000 grant from the nonprofit Phish Foundation The Mockingbird Foundation. The foundation, which began operations in 1997, has received more than $ 1.9 million from more than 500 grants for music education programs for children in all 50 states, according to the foundation’s website.

“We’re looking for ways to best use the grant money to create a greater educational experience for our students in the group,” Matt Tenalha, principal of Warwick High School, said in an email.

The Mockingbird Foundation has donated unwanted $ 1,000 grants to music programs near each of Phish’s 2021 summer and fall concerts, as well as concerts the band conducted on New Year’s Eve from a secret venue they called the Ninth Cube.

“The Ninth Cube” turned out to be a studio at Rock Lititz, now confirmed by Fr. Warwick County School Press Release. Fish, who performed a cover of Sid Barrett’s song “Baby Lemonade” during his Rock Lititz concert, actually made lemonade out of lemons when they switched to a free live broadcast of New Year’s Eve in Lititz when their scheduled run at Madison Square Garden was canceled due to an increase in COVID-19 cases during the Omicron outbreak.

“We are proud to be able to support music education programs like the Warwick School program, especially in the areas where Phish is performing,” Alice Godard, executive director of the Mockingbird Foundation, said in an email. “We understand and appreciate the power of music, and we know it’s especially important in moments like this.”

Hershey Elementary School also received a grant for Phish’s concerts on August 10 and 11 at Hersheypark Stadium.

“I found out about the grant after the performance on December 31, because we didn’t know that Phish’s play was taking place because it was closed to the public,” says Tenalya. “The Mockingbird Foundation approached me about this grant, which is available, so I applied and we were selected as the recipient.”

Just like the refrain “maybe yes and maybe no” from the Phish Stash song, Tenalya did not say whether the orchestra would study any Phish material, but said he had been listening to a Vermont jam band a bit lately. more.

“Before, I didn’t have much of their repertoire on the radar, but after this wonderful experience, I listened to them a little more often than in the past,” says Tenalya.

Fish is coming on stage at Madison Square Garden tonight through April 23, including a performance from three sets on April 22 to make up for canceled New Year’s concerts. Concerts are available for broadcast livephish.com.

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