Phoenixville Hospital has been named the “Best Performer” by LGBTQ + in healthcare

Phoenixville Hospital has been named LGBTQ + for Health Equality in the Human Rights Equality Index (HEI) of the Human Rights Foundation for 2022.

The hospital received a score of 90 out of 100 in a final survey of health facilities on policy and practice on fair treatment and inclusion of LGBTQ + patients, visitors and staff.

“Phoenixville Hospital is proud of and appreciates this appointment,” said Rich Newell, president and CEO of Phoenixville and Potstown Hospitals. “Receiving the“ Best Performer ”award reflects the hard work our staff has put in to meet the needs of our staff and LGBTQ + patients. We strive to provide high-quality care to the LGBTQ + community and make all our patients feel valued and safe when they are with us. ”

906 health care institutions took part in the survey on the health equality index for 2022. There are two categories in the survey. The title of “Leader in Equality in LGBTQ + Health” was awarded to 496 institutions, of which 251 were awarded the title of “Best Performer in LGBTQ + Health”.

Phoenixville Hospital is one of 31 recognized Pennsylvania facilities.

“Everyone deserves access to quality medical care, is respected and heard by a doctor, and feels safe in the facility where he or she receives care. But LGBTQ + people are often discriminated against in all places, including health care facilities, which means that community members avoid help and expect our voices not to be respected in an incredibly vulnerable environment, ”said Tari Hahnemann, director of health care. Aging The Human Rights Campaign, the statement said.

The Health Equality Index at its core, Hahnemann said, “seeks to ensure that LGBTQ + people are protected and validated by their healthcare providers and feel safe when seeking services.”

She said that the leaders of the Health Equality Index are implementing a comprehensive policy of LGBTQ + inclusion, “which, I hope, will become standard practice because of their work.”

The Annual Health Equality Index, which is conducted annually, evaluates and evaluates health care institutions against detailed criteria in four areas:

• Basic policies and training in LGBTQ + patient-centered care;

• service and support for LGBTQ + patients;

• Employee benefits and policies; and,

• Patient and community involvement.

Institutions that received the title of LGBTQ + Leader in Equality in Health Care received the maximum number of points in each section and a total score of 100 points. Institutions that received the title of “Best Performer” scored 80 to 95 points and at least a partial score in each section. Eighty-two percent of the participating facilities scored 80 or more points.

“Health facilities are specifically demonstrating that they are out of the box when it comes to adopting policies and practices in the field of LGBTQ + assistance,” said a press release announcing the appointment.

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation is an educational division of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the largest U.S. civil rights organization working to achieve equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people (LGBTQ +).

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