Photos of “Knot Just Any Day” are far and wide, urging the WB home

WILKES-BARRE – Everyone has it in their pocket these days, and of course some of them have very good cameras, but for the most special occasions in life only a true professional can really capture that moment.

41-year-old Steve Hasted, owner of ‘Knot Just Any Day’, himself has 20 years of professional experience. When you combine this with the experience of his team of 15 people, the work speaks for itself.

Knot Just Any Day since 2015 is located at 124 Main Street, but their work is far-reaching.

Although the name is inspired by wedding photography, such as “tying knots”, their services are many. There are wedding photos and videos as well as stationary. Next there is the “portrait side of the company,” as Hasted put it, which covers family portraits, newborns and motherhood and the like. And there’s the corporate side, which is coverage of events, speakers, professional and environmental shots in your head, “like as many as nine yards,” Hasted said with a laugh.

It may seem like a lot, but KJAD is doing everything and they are doing it well, ranging from Colorado to places like Punta Cana, and back to NEPA.

Of course, COVID-19 made sure that KJAD, like many others, saw a break in service.

“It was worse,” Hasted said. “I would say our schedule has been ruined by COVID. This business is a social business, and public events have been postponed. ” He mentioned that KJAD had booked about 65 weddings for 2020, and only photographed about 14.

Husted offered a full refund to all those in need of relocation. “In total, I completely lost about 5 or 6 weddings, and then the rest either moved or fell sharply,” he said.

However, it brought some interesting impressions.

Husted talked about one wedding in 2020, which was attended by a celebration, the bride and groom, then Husted and his cameraman. “No family, no guests, nothing,” and while that may seem sad to some, he explained that the bride and groom were preparing together, and the groom was helping his bride fasten her dress. “It was so romantic,” Hasted said.

In financial terms Husted explained that times were certainly tough.

“I did not receive any help from the government. I received a letter saying that I was not showing enough financial difficulties, that it hurt me to finish, ”he said.

However, Hasted explained that the constant updates by e-mail from the Diamond City Partnership, as well as visits to local eateries will give him the necessary information to know where and for what help to apply. Although Husted ultimately did not qualify, many other downtown businesses were able to get help this way.

As we delve into 2022, things have definitely improved.

More recently, Hasted has been called a “fearless photographer”. The Fearless Photographers company, based in Washington state, according to their website, “serves the global market for wedding photographers looking for couples who really love photography.” “Fearless” also seeks to encourage those who seek and work for positive social change, celebrate equality, diversity and inclusion, and truly “fearless” and devoid of stigma in their work.

And as the downtown triumphant rebound continues, Husted will be there to support. Hasted and his wife work at Wilkes University, where Hasted teaches courses in digital design and media art. “Almost every day I shop downtown, work downtown, I eat and drink downtown. I live four minutes over the bridge in Kingston, it’s the perfect place for me, ”he said.

However, Husted hopes to see more: “Mom and Dad” will appear downtown, filling spaces that were once occupied by other businesses.

In the end, he summed up his gratitude for Wilkes-Barre as follows: “I love downtown. I am happy to be a part of this. I can just park my car and walk everywhere to get everything I need during the day. The more people there will be, the better it will be and I will continue to stay here. And I’m trying to grow. “

KJAD opening hours are listed Monday through Friday, from noon to 4:30 p.m. You can also visit the website, call 570-550-0680 or subscribe to Facebook and Instagram by searching Knot Just Any Day.

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