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Phyllis 2020 lost 32 games, playing 14 in the lead and not ahead of the Miami Marlins for a place in the playoffs.

Phyllis 2021, led by new staff boss Dave Dombrowski, has changed serving coaches and closed its bullpen, spending freely on ones like Sam Kunrod and Archie Bradley. The results were so disgusting that after the expiration of the trade was a bullpen … and it got worse.

Phyllis 2022 would be different: Corey Knebel, Brad Hand and Juris Family will give the bullpen a fresh feel. But in mid-May it becomes clear that Phyllis is doomed to another summer of late comedy.

So, to sum up: two top management structures, four types of bullpen, two serving coaches and John Middleton’s tens of millions of dollars wasted on one and a half full seasons and 35 games. But during this time there was at least one permanent.

Give up, everyone, for the sake of Joe Girardi.

Because it’s done on talk shows, on social media, in the era of angry fans, in the era of hot failures, there has to be a personification of any sporting failure, and 95 percent of the time it will be a head coach or manager. (The other five percent would be a football defender.) It’s usually an overreaction, a painless simplification, a way for a sick mind to anonymously make fun of someone. His fault. His. That guy. But data is piling up on Lame Ducks manager Phyllis, whose touch to the pitchers for relief has been so horrific that his bosses, strikers, starting pitchers and smart fans have to wonder if that number on the bullpen phone is a quick dial. Random hand picking is expected to be unlucky and budgeted for 162 games. But at some point a consistent failure in one area is a reflection of the manager.

Girardi came to Phyllis with a reputation as an expert maestro bullpen. This, however, was built at a time when he was allowed to run the only unanimous player in the Hall of Fame of the first ballot, Marianne Rivera. When Rivera was unavailable, New York’s Girard was accused of seemingly getting lost, trying every day to make the bullpen work. Followers of the Phillies feel the same way.

In the computer-ruined atmosphere of modern baseball, Girardie will receive a bunch of statistical letters every night, which will remind him which pitcher to use in which situation, the number of hours between the last warm-up and when to start. This way, he can give sound answers when he makes changes and why. It is pointless to question his point-to-point decision, not when he is sitting with this printed answer key.

But what about feelings? What about the instinct of management? What about assumptions? When is this in doubt?

Girardie was the coach of the year in the National League and the world champion in the American League. He is another World Series away from a smart candidacy for the Hall of Fame. He is good with his players, good with the press, good with the fans, smart, knowledgeable and, given his resume, worth his annual salary of $ 3 million. It’s not his fault.

However, there is a reason why Dombrowski not only allowed his manager to enter the final season of his three-year contract without an extension, risking the likelihood that he will lose growth at the club every time one of his decisions goes wrong. This reason: Girardi did not win enough. Why? He continues to make the wrong decisions.

After last season, Bryce Harper – whose voice resonates at the top much louder than Girardi – said it was time for Phyllis to add more “dogs”. With this Middleton went fishing and signed Nick Castellanos and Kyle Schwarber, which, including the fresh investment Dombrowski needed in the bullpen, led Phyllis to luxury taxes.

To do this, they have a record of losses, one of which is due to a loss on national television from the Mets, who took first place when they lost the lead in seven series in ninth place. When Phyllis finishes the game from the playoffs, it will be easy to remember. But so it must have been last weekend, when, despite winning three of the Dodgers ’four, the Phils lost 7-3 in the eighth before the win, wasting the lead twice in the ninth before victory and then, Sunday, lost the lead and the game with two outs in the ninth.

In just over two months, Dombrowski will face another trade deadline, and will never be wrong to add weapons. But he should know that he has reworked his bullpen twice in less than two years and still continues to be disappointed until the end of the games.

Whatever Dombrowski decides, Marianne Rivera does not enter this field. Unless he shows a better touch with his embossed pitchers, Joe Girardi will also not be walking there for long.

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