Phyllis’ Explosive Crime Causes Their Potentially Shocking Cleanup – NBC10 Philadelphia

Now in baseball there are no strikers who would be tougher than Bryce Harper, who continues to feed Phyllis to win in the West.

Harper doubled in the first inning and defeated the home run in the third inning on Saturday night by left-handed Dodgers Julio Urias, the winner of 20 games last season who came out with a 2.10 ERA.

Phyllis won the game 8-3 to get their third victory in a row at Dodger Stadium. They are 5-1 on their road trip with seven games after going 1-4 last week. This is their first win in a series at Dodger Stadium since 2014, and they are six rounds ashamed of the away team’s record in a four-game series at Chavez Raven.

“We’re on fire. Doing this at Dodger Stadium, I’m surprised I’m shocked,” Jean Segura told the crew of “Phyllis” in an interview after the game. “The guys are really waving bits.”

Harper for the last nine games is 17 on 36 (0.472) with five home runs, seven doubles, 12 RBI and 11 goals. His 24 extra hits are five more than anyone in the majors this season. Its seven extra base hits over the last three nights most ever from a guest player in three games at Dodger Stadium. Harper even made his way aboard in his last battle. The play was found to be a mistake in Dodgers ’co-star Reyes Maronta, but could easily have been killed and could be changed to one after further consideration.

There’s no perfect time to sit Harper, but he’s going to be given a PRP injection into his injured right elbow on Sunday, and that won’t allow him to get into the lineup on Sunday and probably Tuesday. Phils come out on Monday before taking Padres for three.

Segura started the score with three Homer runs in the first inning, taking advantage of Justin Turner’s error in two outs. In the fourth, Kyle Schwarber and Rhys Hoskins went deep when Urias allowed the four worst of his career home runs.

In Los Angeles, the Phyllis attack has gone crazy, and this is an unexpected development, given that the Dodgers 2.26 ERA team is part of the series. The Dodgers allowed more than five runs once throughout the season before meeting the Phyllis, who scored 9, 12 and 8 for 29 runs and 37 hits in the first three games. It’s hard to imagine that the lineup feels more confident than it is now.

Ranger Suarez (4-1, 3.72 ERA) got an impressive output that lasted seven innings. He allowed Homer to come out to meet Muki Betsu and gave up two runs in the fourth, but got out of the traffic jam with second and third and one, leaving retired Hanser Albert, Austin Barnes and each Dodger to the end of the road. Suarez ended his evening by scoring 11 in a row.

Getting the length from Suarez was important on Saturday night because the bullpen Phyllis, especially the back, was taxed. Having received seven strong from Suarez, manager Joe Girardi was able to use only Serantani Dominguez in the eighth and Conor Brogdan in the ninth.

The result was a victory for Phyllis 17-17. They are at 0.500 for the first time in 10-10 years and have not been above 3-2. They will be looking to make a serious statement on Sunday afternoon at 4:10 when they hope to finish four games behind Aaron Nola. Until the end of Saturday’s game, the Dodgers did not name a starter.

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