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Photo: Niven Sabherwal

Oatmeal latte on Allegheny Coffee and Tea Exchange

Maple and brown sugar have become popular coffee flavor options over the past few months, especially since chains like Starbucks and Dunkin ’include them in various items on their menu. The warm, rich, classic taste is perfect for cold weather, even if you prefer something like an ice latte. Here are some cafes in Pittsburgh that offer maple, brown sugar and similar flavors.

Exchange of coffee and tea Allegheny

2005 Penn Ave., Strip District.

Allegheny Coffee and Tea Exchange, located in the Strip area, has almost any coffee flavor you can think of. You can get the flavor of brown sugar in the coffee of your choice in the cafe inside the store. Add it to their new oatmeal latte for breakfast.

Coffee Company Gasoline St

643 First Ave., downtown.

Coffee company Benzin St. Coffee Company has a latte with maple with brown sugar. The drink consists of real maple syrup, brown sugar, espresso and milk.

Nicholas Coffee & Tea Co.

Market Square, 23, city center.
Nicholas Coffee & Tea Co. in the Market Square continues its legacy, as written on its logo, “wakin ‘yinz up”, this time with brownish-brown sugar that can be added to drinks.

Yinz coffee

4525 Liberty Ave., Bloomfield and 2 E. North Ave., North Side.

Yinz Coffee, a coffee network created in two former Crazy Mocha storeshas oatmeal Latte cookies consisting of maple syrup, cinnamon and oat milk.

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