Pittsburgh City Paper celebrates the 2022 Golden Feather Awards

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CP Photo: Amanda Waltz

Photo from the Amanda Waltz Award Pittsburgh City Newspaper article about Hidden Media Network

In the fall of 2021 Pittsburgh City Newspaper A&E editor Amanda Waltz has entered Wonderland as well Alice in Wonderland-thematic tea party. It was just one of many events that were actively promoted on the social networks Hidden Media Network, promising “all the best virtual and live experiences in more than 30 cities around the world.” She left with more questions than answers.

In the days that followed, the more Waltz reported on the international event planning campaign, the more she discovered accusations of “lure and switch” tactics, dangerous COVID protocols, and more.

On May 24, the Western Pennsylvania Press Club awarded Waltz the Golden Pen Award for Best Excellence in Written Journalism, Arts, and Entertainment, Division 3, for her report on the campaign. The hidden media network promises fun, exciting experiences, but some say things are not as they seem.

58th Annual Golden Feather Award Ceremony.held at Rivers Casino, honors “professional and student excellence in print, radio, photography, video and digital journalism in Western Pennsylvania and nearby Ohio and West Virginia counties,” the statement said.

Also won first place City newspaper literary writer Reggae Behe ​​for “Excellent Task in Writing Journalism, Criticism – Chapter 3” for him literature in Pittsburgh; former full-time writer Kimberly Rooney for “The Benefits of Success in Writing, Business / Technology / Consumer – Division 3” for their report, State lawmakers join Pittsburgh restaurant owners in revolt against food delivery apps; and former art director Abby Adams for “Outstanding Achievements in Journalism, Cover Design – Printing, Sections 1-4” for her Black women leave Pittsburgh cover design.

click to enlarge Excerpt from the award-winning Pittsburgh City Paper cover design by Abby Adam

Excerpt from the Abby Adam Award Pittsburgh City Newspaper cover design

City newspaper was also named a finalist in several nominations. Full list below:

Excellence in Written Journalism, Arts / Entertainment – Section 3
Winner: “The hidden media network promises fun, exciting experiences, but some say things are not as they seem», Amanda Waltz

Excellence in Written Journalism, Criticism – Section 3
Winner: “Literature in Pittsburgh», Rege Behe

Excellence in Written Journalism, Business / Technology / Consumer – Section 3
Winner: “State lawmakers join Pittsburgh restaurant owners in revolt against food delivery apps“, Kimberly Rooney

Excellent success in journalism, cover design – printing, sections 1-4
Winner: “Black women leave Pittsburgh”, Abby Adams

Excellent in written journalism, information topic – section 3
Finalist: “As newsrooms, police departments and social networks fail, missing colored people“, Kimberly Rooney

Outstanding achievements in journalism, profile photo – sections 1-6
Finalist: “Chrome cable”, Jared Wickerham

Excellent in written journalism, lifestyle – 3rd department
Finalist: “Why are so many black women talking about leaving Pittsburgh? ” Dani Jana

Excellence in Written Journalism, Public Relations / Politics / Government – Section 3
Finalist: “Why Allegheny District Attorney Stephen Zapala Continues to Avoid Control”, Ryan Det

Excellence in Written Journalism, Columns / Blogs – Section 3
Finalist: “Voices“,” Terenia Idia

So far City newspaper always appreciates that we are honored for our writing and artistic talents, hearing that our stories resonate with our readers and from the people we write about is more important than any award we have ever received. We are grateful for your continued support.


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