PLYMOUTH TOWNSHIP — If you’re looking for a unique way to show off your ph movie in Phillies, stop by Sal Giannone.

The owner of Sala’s barber shop in Plymouth Meeting has been busy lately, finishing haircuts with the perfect Phillies P all week.

“Oh, that was crazy. I have 15 of them to do today and I did about 15 of them yesterday and I still have more … probably 10 or so to do next week,” he said.

“If they win, I’ll have even more work to do after that. I mean, if they win.’

Giannone said Thursday — in between haircuts — that he’s an award-winning competitive barber and shop owner around the region and does hair “a lot,” but he’s seen sports logos become more popular over the past few years, especially over long stretches. the playoffs are on.

“I did over 200 Eagles logos when they won the Super Bowl. I had more for the Eagles (than this week), but I think I will have a lot more, especially if they win,” he said.

Giannon is usually busiest on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, and this week he has “some openings, but not many” at Plymouth, located at 1011 Germantown Pike in Plymouth. Discounts start at $15 the P logo is $5; each injected P lasts about two weeks, depending on how quickly the hair grows back, and Giannone said most of his other barbers can also do Ps if he’s already booked. He always felt a special connection with Phyllis even before him opened there in 2015after sticking with the ballclub during his darkest days.

Sal Giannone of Sal’s Barbershop displays a freshly cut Phillies ‘P’ figurine next to sports memorabilia, including local legends Joe Frazier and Tommy Lasorda, on the walls of Sal’s Barbershop. (Photo submitted)

“I used to sleep opposite The Times Herald building (on Markley Street in Norristown) 16 years ago I was homeless, eating out of garbage cans, addicted to drugs and on December 1st I will be 16 years sober. I have come a long way,” he said.

“I met my wife six months after my recovery and we bonded over watching baseball. And a year after we met, they won the World Series, and then we had three kids,” Giannone said.

Lily, their eldest, is now nine and “the youngest competitive hairdresser in the world, she’s following in my footsteps”, he added, while Gracie turns six this week and Penny turns four in February – was born on a day Phillies fans can remember for another reason.

“Penny was born the day Bryce Harper was signed. We really thought about naming her “Harper” but decided against it, but she’s also a big fan. And I actually brought my girls to their first Phillies game of the year,” Giannone said.

Between Plymouth Square and other Sal’s barbershops in Royersford, Phoenixville, Boyertown and Swarthmore, Janone said he’s busier than ever these days and feels a strong connection to the ballroom, which is one of the final two slated to take its place on the biggest stage baseball.

“This team means a lot to me because they embody all the grit of the city and how when we want something, we go for it and we work really hard. Nothing is impossible,” he said.

“Being a wild card, we are the underdogs and we wear it with pride. We wear it with pride because it just goes to show that maybe no one believes in us, but we believe in us and we work for what we get. That’s why when they win championships, and they come out of nowhere and win, it has a special meaning. No one expects us to win, so we have to show them that we are the best.”

Sal’s Barber Shop is located at 1011 Germantown Pike in Plymouth; for more information or to make a reservation, call (484) 688-4198, search “Meeting at Sello’s Barber Shop in Plymouth” or “Sal Giannone” on Facebook or follow “salsbarbershopsvip” on Instagram.