Police: A health care assistant stole checks from a detained woman

KINGSTAN – A woman from the town of Hanover was prosecuted on Friday on charges that she stole and handed over six checks totaling $ 8,000 from a 95-year-old dependent woman who was tasked with providing home medical care.

Police accused 21-year-old Anelia Lovell of Lee Park Avenue of making six checks and tried to make a seventh check for $ 90,000, which was rejected, to her personal bank account from Emily Kochiyan, according to court records.

According to her obituary, Cotian died Jan. 25 at a care facility in Wilkes-Barre.

Police allege that Lovell, while working at a health agency at home, stole checks while visiting Kocian at the Tunhanak residence from July 13 to August 17, 2021, when she stopped working at a health agency.

Kocian reported the alleged theft and forgery by Wilkes-Barre police, which in November handed over an investigation to Kingston police.

When the stolen cash was allegedly given to Lovell, Kokian was a patient at a hospital in Kingston.

Police in court records that Kochiyan made one check for $ 4,000, three checks for $ 1,000 and two checks for $ 500 from August 12 to September 9, and on September 29 tried to make a check for $ 90,000.

Lovell was charged by District Judge James Hagerty of Kingston on charges of forgery, theft, financial exploitation of an elderly or addicted person and bad checks. She was jailed in a Lucerne County penal colony for lack of a $ 10,000 bail.

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