Police: A woman died after a shootout with police

MILFORD, Ohio (AP) – Police say an officer shot a woman after she repeatedly fired at officers near an apartment building near Cincinnati.

Miami Police Chief Mike Mills said the Clermont County Communications Center received calls about an armed woman in the Berry Lane apartment parking lot at about 5 p.m. Subsequent calls said she fired two rounds from a pistol and approached a resident, Mills said.

Mills said the woman shot at arriving officers who were hiding behind cars at the site and then shot again at the officer who aimed his gun at her. That officer made six rounds, and the woman fell. Police said a medical flight was called, but the woman was pronounced dead before she was taken to hospital for treatment.

The woman’s name was not named before notifying her relatives, and the name of the officer who fired was also not named immediately. The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation will investigate the shelling.

Mills said “mental health” was believed to have been a factor in the case, but police do not believe the previous dispute with someone in the complex was relevant because people there said the woman appeared to have fired indiscriminately.

He said officers had been trained in dealing with people with mental health problems and a mental health officer had been at the scene from the beginning, but the man could not be taken while the woman was still shooting.

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