Police in Struzzi, Blairsville will help replace illegible license plates News

As part of Saturday’s Blairville Hunger Trucks Festival, Jim Strutsy, Indiana and the Blairsville Police Department will work together to help voters free license plates that have become difficult to read.

“A license plate is considered illegible if one or more numbers or letters are indistinguishable from 50 feet or if the license plate shows blisters, peeling, discoloration or loss of reflectivity,” said Blairville Police Chief Louis Sacco. “It is a great honor for us that the representative of Struca is ready to cooperate with us to provide this valuable public safety service to the residents of the district.”

The festival takes place on the Blairsville stage, 130 W. Market St., from 14.00 to 20.00. Chief Saka and his staff will evaluate the license plates and manage the verification process.

“Copies of the MV-44 form will be available to be filled out by license plate holders, and my staff members will take care of delivering them to PennDOT for shipment,” Struci added. “It will be a quick turn for those who drive a vehicle with an illegible number plate, and direct interaction with local law enforcement allows us to avoid the usual fee for replacing the sign.”

Questions about this or any legislative issue can be addressed to the Struga office at (724) 465-0220.

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