Police: Manesen’s man was beaten with a cinder block and robbed

MONESEN, Pennsylvania (KDKA) – Police say a man in Manesan was beaten with a cinder block and robbed before his car was stolen.

Investigators said it was an ambush carried out by 55-year-old Dwayne Grogan, a man with whom Manesen police are said to be well acquainted.

This time, Grogan was in trouble for lifting a cinder block and knocking it down on an unsuspecting victim at a house on McKee Avenue, officials said.

A witness told Rosa Gidotti of KDKA: “He knocked on the door. He came in, and the next thing I know, this guy came in with a brick and hit him on the head. ”

The victim fell to the floor, knocked out after repeated blows to the head.

According to Manesen Police Chief David Juhas II, “When the victim lost consciousness, Mr. Grogan went into the victim’s pocket and took out $ 400 to $ 500.”

An alleged eyewitness and police said Grogan then stole the victim’s car.

According to court records, back in 2017, Grogan ambushed another man in Manesen, beating him on the head with an iron and robbing him. Court records show that the victim in this case was Grogan’s cousin.

Grogan is in Westmoreland County Jail. He is accused of attempted murder and robbery.

The victim continues to recover and is expected to survive.

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