Police officers are honored for their rescue work

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Pittsburgh Police are now recognizing three officers for their efforts to save the driver from an accident.

On Thursday, shortly after eleven o’clock on Fifth Avenue and Grant Street near the district court building, a car and a Port Authority bus collided.

After that, the car caught fire, because the driver, still unconscious, was in the car.

Three officers, Jared Weiss, Joel Batiste and Nick Arritz, rushed into action to pull the driver out of the car, minutes before the flames reached the passenger compartment.

“It is very clear to us that within five or ten seconds the fire would have fully advanced into the cabin and burned the passenger,” said Commander Matt Luckner.

“I suppose any citizen could look at the situation and say,‘ It’s not worth it, ’but they didn’t hesitate; they knew they had a chance to save lives, ”Luckner added later.

The officers will soon be officially recognized for their life-saving actions, the police bureau said.

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