Police: Shamokin stole the identity of a Maryland man Pennsylvania News

SHAMOKIN – Sean Davis, 55, from the street. E. Spruce, 437, Shamokin, was charged with a felony of forgery and theft of personal data for allegedly having fake driver’s licenses and two credit cards immediately after the crash in the 100th quarter of South Shamokin at 2.49pm on 23 October.

The indictment was filed by a corporal. Brian Primeran in the office of District Judge John Gambik III.

According to the criminal complaint, the officer noticed that he belonged to Davis in the Ford car in which Davis was. Davis allowed the officer to conduct a search.

The officer found a Maryland driver’s license with a photo of Davis but the name of Jeremy James Jansen. Two credit cards in Jansen’s name were also found. Davis claimed to have found IDs in a car belonging to his friend. He claimed that the photo on the license “did not even look like him”, the complaint said.

The officer contacted Jansen, who confirmed his driver’s license number and said he was a victim of identity theft. The officer later received a photo of the victim from Maryland law enforcement to confirm the true identity of Jansen.

On October 31, Davis went to the Shamokin police station on an unrelated issue. He agreed to talk to police about the IDs and the accident. Defendant allegedly confessed to acquiring fake driver’s license from a man in Philadelphia who took a photo of him for posting on his ID. An unknown man from Philadelphia also created two credit cards.

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