Police will begin to comply with regulations on grass, garbage News

According to Klimer City Manager Sonia Schrenkel, Klimer City Police will begin to more strictly enforce grass and garbage removal regulations starting next week.

Schrenkel said during a city council meeting on Wednesday that residents who leave grass or garbage unattended face fines.

“I just want to remind everyone that the police will start implementing Resolution 277, and everyone should keep their grass,” Schrenkel said. “I’ve traveled around the city before, and there are a lot of places where the grass isn’t mowed.”

Schrenkel said residents who violate the rules of the grass will receive one message and then another – daily fines until the violation is eliminated.

Residents also face fines for leaving garbage cans and garbage bags for too long.

“Garbage cans need to be removed from the street 24 hours after the garbage has been removed,” Schrenkel said. “And garbage bags can’t come out before 24 hours before pickup.”

In other news Wednesday, district council members unanimously approved two proposals by council vice president Steph Brillhart to adopt resolution № 2022-2 and policy № 02-2022, which concerned compensation to firefighters and clothing assistance for district staff. respectively.

Resolution № 2022-2 provided that all active firefighters would be covered by compensatory insurance for district workers. Social members will not be covered.

“A social member is anyone who does not fight fire and is involved in fundraising for the fire company,” said Clymer Fire Chief John Gromley.

Policy № 02-2022 provides a clothing allowance of $ 200 for the fiscal year for Clymer Borough staff members.

Schrenkel said Clymer’s annual spring cleaning as part of the Great American Cleaning Program filled four 40-yard landfills with garbage.

“Every year we have spring cleaning, when we bring garbage containers from waste management,” Schrenkel explained, “and our residents of Kleimer have the opportunity to use these landfills to get rid of garbage.” They get one load for free and they can buy some vouchers and things. ”

Also Wednesday, Schrenkel read the mayor’s report for May, given:

• $ 785.51 revenue from parking

• $ 0 state police fines

• $ 1,114.98 fines for magistrate and court clerk

• Fines of $ 100 parking

• $ 900 from the Marion Center Service

Members of the district council also listed a number of upcoming items and events:

• Clymer holds an annual police memorial service for the slain officers at 11 a.m. May 12 at Tate Park, a veteran memorial park.

• A second police car for Clymer Borough Police will arrive May 31 at Tri-Star Motors.

• Mayor Christina King has officially informed the district council that she intends to hold civil marriage ceremonies, which she is authorized to do under state law.

• Parks work and toilets work.

• Schrenkel is working to amend Resolution № 128 “Dogs Running Free,” and plans to prepare a draft for consideration at the next district committee meeting.

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