Protesters arrested at Senator Joe Manchin’s W. Va. Power plant decide illegal defense cases

Fairmont, Virginia (AP) – Most protesters arrested at a power plant in West Virginia linked to Senator Joe Manchin have settled cases of ill-treatment.

Twelve of the 16 protesters arrested last weekend at the Grant Town Power Station in Marion County settled their cases on Friday, a group of West Virginia Rising activists said.

All 16 were arrested last Saturday for illegal interference after the creation of the human chain, according to The Dominion Post.

The protest gathered about 200 people to draw attention to the burning of a low-grade coal plant that emits more pollution.

Manchin’s son runs the plant and burns low-grade coal sold by Senator Enersystems. Manchin, a Democrat, is chairman of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.

Among the protesters last week was J. Devitt Matir, former head of mine security at the Clinton administration.

Makatir said Manchin “seems to be making a big contribution to the problem (of coal pollution), reaping countless benefits,” he said.

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