Queen Elizabeth received applause at an event dedicated to the Platinum Jubilee Celebrities

Queen Elizabeth was hailed with applause as her platinum anniversary celebrations began.

The 96-year-old monarch delighted the audience when she attended a stellar equestrian event at a site near Windsor Castle.

Hollywood stars Tom Cruise and Lady Helen Mirren, who played the Queen on screen, led the brilliant cast for the first major celebration of the monarch’s 70th anniversary on the throne.

The Queen had a stick, but she was able to get to her place on the show despite constant mobility problems. She was joined by her youngest son Prince Edward at the “Gallop Through History” event, which reflects her love of horses throughout her life.

The extravaganza was organized by the Royal Windsor Equestrian Show, which welcomed the monarch on Friday (13.05.22) as she visited the exhibition grounds. The Queen has been present at every event since the show’s launch 79 years ago as she takes a keen interest in jumping and breeding.

The monarch missed the state opening of parliament only for the third time during his rule last week and was replaced by Prince Charles at the event due to “sporadic mobility issues”.

This came after the Queen did not attend Easter events – such as the service on Maundy Thursday – and announced that she would not attend garden parties at her royal residences across the country.

Meanwhile, it was previously revealed that Her Majesty had delivered modern golf gods to help her move comfortably.

The four-seater electric wheelchair at 43 miles per hour was built by Danish firm Garia in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz and is described as disgracing “many cars”.

It has a range of 50 miles before its battery needs recharging, and while it rests in one of four brown leather seats, the Queen can refill treats from her fridge or check for weather updates and maps on a 10-inch tablet-style screen. to the steering wheel.


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