Queen Elizabeth uses the gods at a flower show in Chelsea Celebrities

Queen Elizabeth used the gods at a flower show in Chelsea on Monday (23.05.22).

The 96-year-old monarch first used the gods at an event in London, where she was taken to the gardens.

A spokeswoman for Buckingham Palace told the BBC: “Adjustments have been made for the Queen’s comfort.”

Earlier this year, the Queen suffered a number of health problems, including in February she was diagnosed with COVID-19.

But she was much more prominent in recent weeks when she attended a series of events in preparation for the Platinum Anniversary celebrations.

The monarch has attended the flower show in Chelsea more than 50 times, but this year’s issue was the first official outing for her gods.

The car had the logo of the Danish company Garia, which produces luxury electric golf carts.

The Queen, who has mobility problems, was last seen on the gods in 2013 when she attended an event in the gardens of Buckingham Palace.

Meanwhile, the Queen’s home films, which have never been watched, will be shown in a new BBC documentary.

The life of the monarch will be the focus of the 75-minute documentary “Elizabeth: The Invisible Queen”, which will include behind-the-scenes footage from the landmarks of her reign.

Simon Young, the BBC’s editor-in-chief for history, recently said: “This documentary is an unusual look at the deeply personal side of the royal family that is rare to see and great to share with the nation when we celebrate its Platinum anniversary “.

Claire Popwell, creative director of BBC Studio Events Productions, believes the upcoming documentary will be “special”.

She said: “As the creators of the program, who previously worked closely with the Royal House on ceremonial and festive broadcasts and programs, the production team had no illusions about how special access to this personal archive was.

“The opportunity to draw on the self-recorded story of young Princess Elizabeth and her extended family – and allow the Queen to tell us her own story – is the very heart of this film.”


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