Roman Raines defeated Brock Lesnar to combine the world heavyweight title and complete a two-night WWE wrestling game at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas.

Raines and Lesnar held a 12-minute slangfest that was very reminiscent of their two previous major events at WrestleMania before Raines hit the final spear for a clean win.

Sunday’s four-hour show was largely based on the “entertaining” side of sports entertainment, which is vastly different from Saturday’s first night of more serious sports.

In one brief surprise match, WWE winner Vince McMahon, 76, entered the ring to defeat former NFL player Pat McAfee, but was interrupted by former WWE Stone Champion Cold Steve Austin.

Another saw “Strange” star Johnny Knoxville use a variety of props and preventing colleagues from the star to outplay Sami Zane in a match that was hilarious for its ridiculousness.

As for less silly things, Edge defeated AJ Stiles after being distracted by Damian Priest; Sasha Banks and native of Orlando Naomi won the women’s team championship; and Randy Orton and Riddle (RKBro) retained their titles after a great match against Street Profits and Alpha Academy.

Personally, I liked Saturday’s show more than Sunday’s. Saturday’s Bianca Beller vs. Becky Lynch and Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins were the best Sunday could offer. But overall it was a good weekend to be a WWE fan.

Here’s our live blog on games during Sunday’s event:

Triple H is surprised to open the show, eight months after heart disease forced him to give up daily surgeries, work in front of the camera and active struggle. The crowd erupts when he just thanks the fans and greets them at WrestleMania. He leaves his boots in the ring, a tradition for wrestlers after the last match.

RKBro d. Street Profits and Alpha Academy: Randy Orton and Riddle won with a pair of similar RKOs from the top rope. High speed reel to stand out and a great start for WrestleMania. All six people in the match had great seats, especially Montes Ford of Street Profits. After the match, Olympic wrestler Gable Steveson was invited to the ring, then faced Chad Gable of Alpha Academy (also a former Olympian). Steveson grabbed Gable in a bear hug and then threw him over his head to break out of the crowd.

Bobby Lashley D. Omas: Lashley won after a suplex and two spears. It lasted longer than I expected, but after a sloppy start it got a little stronger and Lashley collided and led Omas to a pretty good match.

Johnny Knoxville d. Sami Zane: Words can’t do it right. Not a classic mat, but a lot of fun with lots of props and comedy. Knoxville hugged Zane after hitting a giant mouse. She involved colleagues in acting, Wee Mann and Pontius. If you think you’d like the Weirdo themed match, look for it. And even if not, it was a spectacle.

Naomi and Sasha Banks d. Queen Zelina and Carmela, Ray Ripley and Liv Morgan, Natalia and Shine Basler: Banks pressed Carmel after a kind of code-breaking cracker with a double command. The entrances to this match were about costumes / cosplay. With so many people in this match everything was active but hard to focus on. One big place came up when Ripley and Morgan performed four faces of “Tower of Doom” at the same time.

Edge d. Styles AJ: Edge punched Stile in the air to get the skittles. Stiles was about to deliver a phenomenal forearm when Damian Priest appeared in the ring to distract Stiles. The priest and Edge gave the signal for a possible union. A long and dramatic match, slow in design but too slow for my taste in points.

Seamus and Ridge Holland d. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods: The distraction of Seamus / Holland’s partner in the Bucha ring led to Seamus hitting a brog to drop. After yesterday’s show was filmed due to time constraints, it was also compressed for a while. Too long to add up a lot.

Pat McAfee d. Austin Theory: McAfee’s entries included “Army of Seven Nations” White Stripes and cheerleaders Dallas Cowboys. McAfee has been impressive in two previous matches at NXT, the last in December 2020, and his impressive series has continued here. McAfee pressed the Theory with a cradle – after that Vince McMahon took off his business suit, went to the ring and collided with McAfee, which led to …

Vince McMahon d. Pat McAfee: McMahon received exercise from McAfee – more than one would expect from a 76-year-old man – and received no blows. He pushed the ball into the middle of McAfee before dropping the skittles. After that, McMahon and Theory celebrated.

Then, the only possible way that could end this endless stretch was Steve Austin’s Stone Cold, stunned Theory (selling the Theory of this move was priceless), confronted McMahon, offered a beer toast, and then gave McMahon (very embarrassingly) awkwardly. . … then stunned McAfee.

Roman Raines d. Brock Lesnar: Exactly what you expected, a big move for a big move in about 12 minutes. Suplexes, spears, F5 and kimuri. Reigns finally won after the last spear and came out with both titles.

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