A week later, the “Orioles” wasted a few scoring opportunities. They didn’t allow themselves to do the same with an almost perfect night out of their bullpen.

Three moves from the New York Yankees bullpen in the 11th inning covered Baltimore’s week-long battle with the runners in goal position, and Ramon Urias’ walk against the Yankees closer to Aroldis Chapman stopped the game in which the Orioles went 1- for- 15 with a runner on the second or third. Urias ’patience supported the dominant performance of five Orioles: Dylan Tate, Jorge Lopez, Brian Baker, Cianel Perez and Joey Crabell recorded 17 consecutive lags behind starter Jordan Lyles. Of those who help, all but Tate are former claims of denial.

“Over the last few years, we’ve never rushed like that, and watching our guys from the bullpen come and put up zeros like they did, like they did this year, is a lot of fun,” manager Brendan Hyde said. “And if we start waving the bat, it will be more fun.”

The only flaw on the collective bullpen line came in 11th place at Krehbiel when Giancarlo Stanton’s touchman hit Anthony Ritz’s machine gun between second and third. Ritz ran through third base into the dugout, while Stanton credited his second shot of the evening when the runner was in the scoring position.

The first, a broken bat bat near Liles in the third, seemed to be able to secure an all-night crime. The Orioles (2-5) went unharmed in two bits with productive moments in the second, third and fifth innings, finishing sixth with 12 runs in 60 offensive innings.

Austin Hayes took the seventh double, taking third in possession of the ball before Jorge Matteo fell single to the left, although he was thrown out in second place, trying to become a runner himself in the goal position. A couple of walks followed, but Cedric Mullins and Urias came out to stop the threat.

Against the former reporter of Orioles Miguel Castro “Orioles” worked out two more exits in the eighth, but Castro deleted Matteo to kill them. This was followed by five more bits without a hit before Urias saw four goals in a row from Chapman after a 0-2 lead, leaving Baltimore 6-on-70 (.086) with 34 strikeouts in those situations this season.

However, the Orioles managed to win without a big hit thanks to their 10 moves, reaching double digits in this category for the first time in almost a decade. With 34 walks, they now rank second in the American League.

“I think you see a bunch of guys pushing,” Hyde said. “But we are competitive and not inferior to bits. I just think sometimes we try to do a little too much.

“I think our attacks are getting better; they will continue to improve. This was evident from the walks tonight. We just don’t get hits yet. “

Length from Lyles

As a result of the tension of the left elbow of John Mins, who could see the best starter of the “Orioles”. spend significant time on the list of victimsLiles assumes full veteran status in the Baltimore rotation.

“Jordan has been in the major leagues for 10 years, so I give him a little more explanation of how he feels,” Hyde said before the game. “I’m not even going to discuss what I need him to go on because Minsey is missing for a while. This will not happen. “

Obviously, Liles didn’t need to be told that he would be relied on in the future. The only newcomer for the Orioles, who made five innings, Lyles worked on the sixth Friday, limiting the Yankees (4-4) to one series. He held New York until one hit of six bits with the runner in the points position, except for Stanton’s blunder.

Liles, who made 180 innings for the Texas Rangers last season before signing with Baltimore, said he hopes to continually delve into the game.

“I’m not thrilled with the five-plus innings for me tonight,” he said. “But entering this season, I want to delve into the game. I want to keep some weapons there. I think it’s important during the season. Hopefully in the future we will be able to exceed 100. I told Gaida, “Give me a little more freedom. Let me dig deeper. ”

The last four of Liles ’91 innings were balls by Glaber Torres, loading the base with one exit in the sixth. But Tate, a former Yankee worker, acquired in July 2018 for the upcoming Zach Briton, forced Aaron Hicks to enter the double play and save Liles’ line. This is only the fifth time since Hyde Four seasons of managerial experience, when the starter “Orioles” gave more than five innings against the “Yankees”, preventing home run. None of the previous four was outbound Means.

Tate then worked perfectly seventh, and Lopez doubled that in the eighth. Baker, fifth in the major leagues, knocked out DJ LeMachio and Torres in the clean ninth to start cutting 1 2/3 of the innings before Perez finished 10th, knocking out Ritz.

“Man, that’s what you’ve been dreaming about all your life, honestly, especially in such a big game, the victory we were supposed to get,” Baker said. “Things like that, especially at a time when the pitcher is relieved and just trying to put zero on your team and give it a chance to win, that’s all there is to it.”

11th place without points brought Krekhbel his first victory in the major leagues. The Orioles have yet to allow home runs at home, this is their first since 2016 four-player game at Camden Yards without home runs.

Around the horn

>> All members of both teams in uniform wore blue № 42 on Friday to mark the 75th anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the colored baseball barrier. “That’s all,” Mullins said. one of two African-American players on the active list of the orioles along with Tate. “We’re talking about a man who sacrificed a lot to create opportunities that he may not have even thought possible at the time. The opportunity to wear his number on the field in his honor is amazing. “

>> Jose Hernandez and Freddie Gonzalez again coached the first and third bases respectively, because base coaches Anthony Sanders and Tony Manzolina were left out of an illness that the Orioles, citing team policies, refuse to clarify. As a result, the Orioles have temporarily added three player development staff to their Premier League staff: Florida Complex League Manager Christian Frias, Training Coordinator Jeff Kunkel and Players’ Strategy Manager Ryan Klimek.

>> Yankees manager Aaron Boone was removed after a game by head referee Tom Halion for arguing with the ball and punches.


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