Ravens re-signed security veteran Tony Jefferson, consolidating second place with popular locker room – Reading Eagle

The Ravens will look to a familiar face to help restore the NFL’s worst pass defense.

On Thursday, the team announced it had re-signed with security veteran Tony Jefferson, regaining a favorite presence in the locker room, whose game was an unexpected bright spot for the injured side secondary late last season.

The terms of the deal are not disclosed.

The 30-year-old Jefferson was signed to Ravens coaching squad on Dec. 13 and was quickly rolled out of a list of 53 men to help the secondary, who lost starting safety to DeShon Eliot and corner defenders Marlon Humphrey and Marcus Peters due to injuries at the end of the season. He has appeared in four games, playing 89 defensive shots and recording 17 saves, one goal break and one assist, and has contributed to special teams.

Jefferson, who has played in just two NFL games since his previous stay at the Ravens ended in 2019, has immersed himself in the team’s culture as if he never left. He advertised his love for Baltimore on social media and called the opportunity “like what I probably dreamed of.”

In a recent interview, the veteran said he watched more movies, “than I’ve ever had in my career,” which helped him earn one of the best ratings of “Ravens” according to Pro Football Focus late last season.

“Just being in the locker room and just being in the league for so long, and seeing different locker rooms and seeing how things turn out in different situations off the field, I think it’s just an added bonus for grandmasters or front offices,” Jefferson told The Baltimore Sun earlier this month. “I think it helps them sleep better at night, knowing they’ve found someone in the locker room who can keep it tame and controlled and set a standard there. I think it’s very important if you are trying to make a list for organizations ”.

Jefferson will give the Ravens a position where the team can look for a new starter, and Elliott has headed to a free agency. Brandon Stevens, who has improved during his inaugural season, is also in the mix alongside Gino Stone and returning starter Chuck Clark.

After four years at the Arizona Cardinals, Jefferson has signed a four-year, $ 34 million contract with the Ravens until the 2017 season. He started 16 games in 2017, 14 in 2018 and five in 2019 when he suffered a PKS injury at the end of the season. The Ravens released Jefferson when his contract remained for a year, and the 2020 season he held out recovering.

He appeared in two games for the San Francisco 49ers in November, it was his first game promotion since the 2019 season before being expelled from their coaching team in December.

The Ravens found themselves in a difficult position when Jefferson rejoined them and never escaped the turn that led them to fall from No. 1 AFC to a final record of 8-9.

Coach John Harbo, however, expressed his appreciation for Jefferson’s contribution. “He’s one of our guys,” he said shortly after the veteran began practicing security. “Tony is one of our guys. I think his return is a good blow for all of us and he can still play. “

Jefferson was glad to feel wanted again.

“I don’t think the front offices across the league probably thought I was healthy, or I don’t know what circumstances they were in when it came to me, regardless of the number of tapes I’ve laid out in seven years.” , – he said after losing Raven ‘Week 16 from Cincinnati Bengals. “But I know I had the opportunity here. I am known here. I just wanted to go out and demonstrate that I was healthy and go play football. It was like my thinking when I had to go in – just go out and show. “

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