Republican gubernatorial candidates emphasize how they differ

PITTSBURG (KDKA) – The race for the Republican candidacy for governor was very tough.

In the last of the four parts of the race series, KDKA political editor John Delano says each of the candidates has something that sets them apart from the others.

Republican voters will find the governor’s nine names on the ballot next Tuesday. Polls say former top MEP Lou Barletta of Lucerne County is in the top four; Senator Doug Mastriana of Franklin County; former U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain of Chester County; and businessman Dave White of Delaware County.

Others, hoping for frustration, are State Senator Jake Corman of Center County; Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Gale; public relations consultant Charlie Gerov of Cumberland County; former U.S. representative Melissa Hart of Allegheny County; and heart and lung surgeon Dr. Nch Zama.

John Delano of KDKA asked each candidate what sets them apart from others in this crowded field.

“Experience, courage. I wouldn’t get on a plane with someone who has never flown a plane. I’ve actually flown and I have a record and you know where I’m standing. And I think at this point we need the Governor which is strong, ”Barletta said.

“My experience as a U.S. Attorney and my track record as a U.S. Marine Corps officer, but I’m not a politician,” McSwain said. “Other leading candidates in this race are working on promises they have already broken.”

“I am the only one who is actually expanding our party. I bring to our party “blue-collar workers,” led by Donald Trump, “blue-collar, hard-working people carrying a bucket of lunch to work,” White said.

“My experience allows me to get to work on the first day,” Corman said. “The Corman administration can’t learn. We can immediately focus on issues that are important to the people of Pennsylvania.”

“I am the only candidate who is not completely controlled by the swamps of the Republican Party establishment,” Gail said. “Company donors, party bosses, lobbyists, special interest representatives have no control or influence over me.”

“As vice-chairman of the Conservative Political Action Committee, I have established myself as a firm, intelligent conservative who is an outsider of a political nature but who knows what is going on inside, who knows what needs to be done,” Gerov said.

“I’m the only candidate west of Pennsylvania,” Hart says. “I understand the West quite well, as it represented nine counties of western Pennsylvania at a time.”

“I have served humanity at the highest level and have a more holistic view of human life. This distinguishes me from any candidate running, ”Zama said.

One of the candidates, Doug Mastrian, declined to be interviewed, saying he did not have time.

As for the Democrats, they have only one choice. Attorney General Josh Shapiro is running for governor without opposition.

The primaries are on May 17.

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