Republican gubernatorial candidates promise to step up tougher crime

HARISBURG (KDKA) – How to fight the deaths in our cities is one of the most serious issues in the election campaign.

That’s one of the key questions KDKA political editor John Delano asked when interviewing eight Republican candidates for governor at the Republican primaries next week.

Candidates insist that stopping violence and executions is a top priority, whether in a big city or a small town.

As a former mayor, former U.S. MP Lou Barlett says he knows how to fight crime and support local police.

“Make sure they have the tools and funding they need, and again the support of their governor. I will bring all the resources I can to Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, any area of ​​Pennsylvania where crime is taking over our areas,” Barletta said.

Former federal prosecutor Bill McSwain says respect for the police needs to be restored.

“I would make sure the police are funded. She is supported. I would use my bully chair to make sure I contribute to the story that the police are heroes. They are not villains, ”says McSwain.

Businessman Dave White wants the governor to appoint special prosecutors as district attorneys.

“It would give me the opportunity to have such a district prosecutor [DA Larry] Krasner in Philadelphia, who refuses to prosecute criminals if he does not want to do so, I will see to it that we do so, ”White said.

Republican candidates say they will not deprive police of money and will not contact those who attack the entire police force.

“We see that the number of men and women who want to be police officers is shrinking, especially in our cities. Why is that? Because government, politics and rhetoric are not supported,” said former US spokeswoman Melissa. Hart.

“Not only defending them, but promoting them, honoring them and respecting them, because we had a governor walking next to a sign that said ‘Murder in the Blue Life,'” said Charlie Gerow, a public relations consultant.

One of the candidates blames Black Lives Matter.

“I saw a picture across our country when cities experienced the Black Lives Matter protest, which was followed by looting, riots, arson and violence,” said Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Gale.

“If you stop prosecuting people, their crimes will continue to grow,” said Pennsylvania Sen. Jake Corman.

But Dr Nche Zama says it is not more police, but better resources that will reduce crime.

“There are so many geniuses in these Pittsburgh and Philadelphia neighborhoods wasting and rotting. I want to be the governor who inspires them, ”Zama says.

One of the candidates, Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastrian, declined to participate, saying he did not have time. The candidate from the Democratic Party, Attorney General Josh Shapiro, does not oppose the primaries.


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