Republican nominees for governor differ on Pennsylvania’s most important issue

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – This is perhaps the most important election in the election next Tuesday.

While Democrats have only one name on the ballot for governor, Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Republicans have to choose from nine.

KDKA political editor John Delano has spoken to candidates, and he is launching a series of reports on issues important to you.

It’s hard to figure out all the Republicans who would like to become governor. Most polls and experts show that four candidates are at the top to win a nomination from the Republican Party: former U.S. MP Lou Barletta of Lucerne County; Senator Doug Mastriana of Franklin County; former U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain of Chester County; and businessman Dave White of Delaware County.

Others hoping for frustration in the stalemate are State Sen. Jake Corman of Center County; County Commissioner Joe Gale of Montgomery County; public relations consultant Charlie Gerov of Cumberland County; former U.S. representative Melissa Hart of Allegheny County; and cardiac and light surgeon Dr. Nche Zama of Northampton County.

The KDKA asked the candidates what they think is the most important issue facing Pennsylvania residents.

“The most important thing is energy. Obviously, I believe that energy is our future here if we want to develop our economy and bring good jobs here and keep our children and grandchildren here,” Barletta said.

“It protects and restores our freedoms,” McSwein said. “Our freedoms have been subjected to various attacks both during the pandemic and during the eight years of the Wolf administration.”

“The challenge is to get our economy back on track. Become reliable. Engage our energy sector,” White said. “I’m the only candidate who literally has a plan to run pipelines in our direct paths.”

“Making sure we protect people’s individual freedoms,” Corman said. “The last two years we’ve seen the governor tell us whose business is important and whose business is not important.”

“I am the only Republican candidate to have a path to victory in 2022. And here in Pennsylvania, conservatives are too often let down by weak Republicans, ”Gail said.

“The most important thing is to return our economy to a proper regime, because people are struggling,” Gerov said. “They’re having trouble paying at gas stations. They’re having trouble at the grocery store, even if they can find what they’re looking for. Prices have risen exponentially.”

“The advantage of regulation. It’s the lack of cooperation. It’s the burden of taxing business. It’s like, I call it, like this tin ear. It’s actually a lack of care,” Hart said.

“We will not be able to work out any strategy or agenda that makes sense if we are polarized. I want to be the governor who unites people,” Zama said.

This was just one of several topics that the CDCA asked Republican gubernatorial candidates. Candidate Doug Mastrian declined to participate, saying he did not have time.

Shapiro, a Democrat, is not opposed to the primaries.


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