Republican Senate candidates share key issues, but stress why they should be candidates

PITTSBURG (KDKA) – The race for the Republican nomination for US senator continues to escalate due to recent polls showing that eight candidates are equal to three parties.

KDKA political editor John Delano asked the candidates what they see as the most important issue and why they stand out above others.

On Tuesday, Republican voters will pick up a number of names in the U.S. Senate: polls show Mehmet Oz, Dave McCormick and Katie Barnett in the stats, while Jeff Bartas, Carla Sands, Sean Gale and George Bachet are behind.

What tops the list of important issues?

McCormick cites inflation and energy, but adds, “The growth of really weak leadership and awakening in our institutions is really shattering the American dream we all love.”

Barnet, Bartas and Sands point to inflation, while Gale notes the fairness of the election, and Bachet refers to law and order.

“People are very worried about what’s going on at their kitchen table, the opportunity to feed their families, the price of gas,” says Barnett.

“Inflation is absolutely killing working families. It is killing small businesses,” Bartosz said.

“The most important issue is the well-being of the people of Pennsylvania – that there are opportunities, but also that we can afford to live,” Sands said.

“Of course, the number one problem I hear about when I’m traveling around the state is the fairness of the election,” Gail said.

“It should be law enforcement and the rule of law,” Bacheta said.

As to why Republican voters should choose them, McCormick and Sands cite experience, and Barnett says she is the only true Conservative.

“I’m a conservative Republican in America in the first place,” Barnett says.

“Tested by combat, who served in battle, who runs companies, who served at the highest level of government,” McCormick said.

“I’m the only one who’s actually worked on security, our national security, trade, foreign policy,” Sands said.

Bartas, Gale and Bachet emphasize their deep roots in this state.

“I lived here and loved this community all my life and with all the fibers of my being,” says Bartosz.

“Half of the candidates in my race aren’t even from Pennsylvania, so I know who I’m going to represent, and that really sets me apart from the rest,” Gail says.

“I don’t need to invent the place where I live. I should not invent my position on abortion or gun control, ”Bacheta said.

All Republican candidates participated in these interviews, with the exception of Mehmet Oz, who declined.

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