Here are the usual Republican gripes about the Democrats and President Joe Biden: inflation; high gas prices; and open borders to name a few. While these issues certainly deserve our attention, I’m not sure that some or all of them can be blamed on any particular political party. Other forces are at work.

Be that as it may, all of these issues pale in comparison to former President Donald Trump’s obstruction of a peaceful transfer of power. Peaceful transfer of power is the basis of our democratic constitutional republic. Nothing matters more. If the will of the people is neglected, then authoritarianism follows.

Trump lost the 2020 election. He knows it, as do his Republican colleagues in Congress. Trump will say and do anything to try to hold on to power, as will the various Republicans currently running in the midterm elections. One of those Republicans, Kari Lake, who is denying the election, is running for governor of Arizona. She basically stated that she will accept the election results only if she wins.

We are in trouble if the election means nothing. This is how the seeds of fascism are sown.

Maria Arguelles
Western reading


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